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Officetronics / Officetronics Fraud on Hewlett Packard

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Service from Officetronics is worse than any other company or person I have ever dealt with. First my Printer arrived 2 days late after purchasing it next day air service. Once the printer arrived the accessories inside the box looked as if they were repackaged. After setting up the printer and doing a test print we notived 12, 000 pages were already printed on this machine. It is obvious Officetronics has tried to defraud and cheat me by telling me this printer is new. The Hewlett Packard Printer looked to be in good condition but what I paid for was for a new machine. I spoke to a person at Officetronics and the woman who answered was absolutely rude and transfered the phone without even telling me. RMA department was denying how this could happen and I questioned them by saying why is the letter "R" erased from the box and the machine. He put me on hold for 5 minutes and asked me what my motives were. I told him your website advertised this machine as a new product and instead you sold me a refurbished unit with serial numbers and model numbers erased to hide the refurbished status. At that point the RMA guy just replied back by telling me we can refund your money but you need to pay for shipping. At this point now I had a firm grasp of Officetronics business model. Sales refurbished equipment as new and if a customer finds out refund his money and try to cheat a different unsuspecting customer. I did some research by typing Officetronics on the internet and found unparallel reviews about the same thing that has happened to me. Some customers were defrauded over $10, 000.00 in this same way. Many were not refunded there money if they had wired the money as requested by Officetronics. Officetronics is a scam and a fraud lets spread the word so others dont have to deal with what I had.

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  • Ma
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    Dear Micorjones,

    Officetronics is committed to its customer’s satisfaction and we are sorry to learn that you are unsatisfied with your purchase. We invite you to contact us immediately so that we can resolve any problems you have had with your purchase. We are committed to making your purchase with us a successful one. That is precisely why we have a 14 day return policy and we work with every customer within the period to make things right. We also help our customers after the 14 day policy with any warranty facilitations they need.

    It has come to our attention that you have published your dissatisfaction on a third party website concerning our purported sale of a used product as new, which is not true. We do not sell used goods as new. If the product you purchased from us is not functioning, we invite you to contact us so that we may resolve the product issues you are experiencing. We do understand that goods sold occasionally have unforeseen manufacturer’s defects or other mechanical problems that are beyond our control. That is why we are committed to replacing products that have manufacturer’s defects or other malfunctions as well as refunding the purchase price on products that are defective.

    Officetronics is confident that it can resolve your complaint quickly and efficiently with your cooperation. We remain confident that our competitive prices and customer service make us an industry leader committed to servicing your needs. Thus, we are reaching out to you Micorjones in an effort to resolve your dissatisfaction. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in this matter.


    The Officetronics Customer Service Team

  • Le
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    The Real Truth about Shopping Comparison Sites! OFFICETRONICS THE RESELLER EXPOSED AND MADE AN EXAMPLE!!!


    I have heard thousands of customers complain about shopping sites like - - - - about removing negative reviews that customers have had with the companies that they have purchased from. The truth is that most these companies such as / / / are not consumer and safe shopping sites. They are paid per click for every time you click on one of those sellers. You are charging them anywhere between $.25-$1.25 a click whether you buy or not. This is big business for these shopping sites and if there sellers are not happy about the reviews they are receiving they will gladly remove them upon their request. I urge you shoppers to not let these big companies continue to sway customers into believing they are offering a great service and a safe place to purchase products.
    The company I will give you an example about is They are currently receiving hundreds of negative reviews on daily basis and you will see from hundreds of testimonies that this company is a fraudulent and scamming consumers and government agencies. They are selling refurbished and used products as new. One seller has even written a blog about these business practices about Officetronics. The owner of the business Philip Kim refused to do any interview with us when we asked these questions about their business practice. We have received hundreds of emails from consumers who have read my information about this company and the shopping sites that support companies like Officetronics. I will list many ways to help consumers fight back against big corporate companies that out there looking for their own good and not the good of consumer. I urge everyone to stick together in a time where fraud and scams are becoming rampant among the wealthy. People like Philip Kim / Officetronics / / / / are not here to help consumers but to defraud consumers. Below is some detailed information about the research we have done.

    How to Prevent Being Scammed from Internet Dealers: Example - (well known fruad and internet scam)

    1) Don’t believe reviews from shopping sites. Example go to "Google" and search for "Officetronics" or "Officetronics scam" or "Officetronics fraud" from there we can see roughly 4000 posts about Officetronics being a scam and a fraud. These are the reviews you are going to want to see. These are consumers who have posted and went out there way to let consumers know about what is going on. Do not rely on / / / to give you reviews that are not filtered by money grubbing executives.

    2) Most companies like Officetronics are writing their own reviews. Places like - - - are not places that offer true consumer reviews and reviews that are negative are removed while positive reviews are seldom removing written by the sellers themselves.

    3) If someone is complaining about a seller such as about the same exact thing most likely they are doing a scam and are not trust worthy seller. Most these sellers will try to create other websites to mask all the negative reviews.

    Example when we do a search for Officetronics on Google:

    We come up with some negative reviews and some odd websites. The odd websites coming up from our Research shows Officetronics trying to mask and hide all the negative reviews that are appearing naturally on Google.

    Here are the bogus websites that Officetronics is currently Optimizing to hide all those negative reviews from consumers. Be a smart consumer and don’t let companies like these take advantage of hard working consumers.

    4) Spread the word around about what you have seen or heard. Don’t let websites like these stop you from right to freedom of speech. If you have been cheated let others so they are not victims of fraud.

    Back to Shopping Sites. Our research does show one positive website that doesn't remove negative reviews from our knowledge and research. / / I believe are the best shopping sites around. There policy is to leave any review that consumers have had with them. These sites I do must advocate are decent and still have some good foundation for consumer advocacy against fraud. I commend these companies for their honest work and not believing in profits over the right thing to do.

    As for / / / I recommend you not to use them but if you do use them "DO NOT CLICK ON THOSE SELLERS YOU WANT TO BUY FROM!!! Just go direct to their website by typing in the domain name within your browser. This will prevent shopping sites like these to get paid on their advertisement that is precious for them to jeopardize consumer safety.
    Example of the Huge Fraud at Officetronics and how thousands were scammed! And how this could have been prevented if Shopping sites had allowed users to review these sites with honesty.


    Officetronics is a bust of a company. Stay AWAY from Officetronics. The company will sell you anything and everything that is
    either refurbished or used as new. After some tedious research found out the owner of Officetronics is Philip Kim. Sounds to me it is a Korean owner. Very Shady! Here are some breakdowns of some scams we have confirmed that Officetronics / Owner: Philip Kim is doing on the internet. Officetronics claims there products are cheaper than anyone else because they buy them at wholesale. First of all we have been in the electronics computer business for 20 years and we have been an HP Partner for 18 years. There is not wholesale prices from Hewlett Packard all products are purchased from distributors like Ingram Micro, Synnex, Techdata, Arrow Electronics and other authorized distributors. Currently Synnex is the only company selling refurbished Hewlett Packard printers and our insiders tell us they are puchasing all there Refurbished Hewlett Packard goods from Synnex Corp. They are purchasing the goods that are Factory Refurbished from Hewlett Packard and keep in mind Hewlett Packard goods that are factory refurbished come in the original box same as a new product would. What Officetronics is doing is removing the refurbished stickers off the box with a heat gun and erasing the "R" off the model numbers with an erase gun. From our extensive research and testimony's from other resellers Officetronics is clearly selling refurbished goods as new. What I can suggest is if you have purchased from Officetronics to check the serial number of the unit at the website on the bottom. When you enter the serial number it will also ask your for the model number. IMPORTANT the model numbers from Officetronics have erased the letter "R" off every printer so all you have to is is put the "R" back when you check the warranty status. Example Below.

    In the serial number section make sure to put the "R" on the model number. Example

    Printer HP 4250N is model number (product number) "q5401a#aba" for a new one. A Refurbished one is a "q5401aR#aba" notice how there is an "R" at then end of the actual model number. It must be before the # sign. The #ABA denotes its a US model. #201 means Goverment Model. Also you can call HP tech support at 800-474-6836 and ask Hewlett Packard how you can do a test print to show how many prints have gone through that machine. Hewlett Packard keeps records of print counts done on machines this will also help you determine if the printer was used or not. If there any page counts on the machine it means it was refurbished and repaired and not new. Refurbished Equipment are known to fail at higher rate than new products. BEWARE!!!

    You will notice your product was either refurbished RMKT means refurbished by Hewlett Packard. Spread this word around the internet so others are not cheated out of there hard earned money. Officetronics is committing fraud and a scam that is hurting other dealers who are honest. The company is owned by Philip Kim and the Marketing Director: Marcelo Calcagnotto are all in on this scam. BUYERS BEWARE OFFICETRONICS IS A NO GOOD. Lots of other dealers to deal with. Officetronics is not worth the headache and nightmare.

  • Wi
      2nd of Apr, 2011
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    Officetronics - SCAM on me. Sold Refurbished Equipement as NEW
    United States

    I have been online shopping for many years and I have never come across a scam like Officetronics. I purchased what I was told as new equipment from Philip Kim and his associate Lisa. After using the products for about 5 months I noticed the printer constantly jamming. After calling Hewlett Packard and running a diagonstic I noticed the page count was around 100, 000 prints is what shocked me. Our office at most had ran around 20, 000 prints on the machine. I looked on the internet to see if this was some type of glitch and saw that a bunch of people were scammed by Officetronics this way. We were promised new products and instead recieved used and refurbished goods. Luckily I had saved the box of the unit in case of storage and noticed very shocking things! I found out Hewlett Packard goods have a letter “R” after the model number that says hey I’m refurbished. I noticed using a UV light that another member had suggested the letter “R” had somehow been erased. From my search Officetronics is taking these off by using an electric eraser. So I called Officetronics and they denied this fact and told me I would get a call back from the supervisor. I demanded to talk to Philip Kim and was told he is hardly ever in the Office. To this day I can never get a hold of a supervisor or get this issue resolved. I hope all you people working for this person realize how bad you are cheating people of their hard earned money. I have reported them to them to the FTC and I hope this company gets closed. Cant imagine how much this company has defrauded the public. Also I noticed a public statement from Scott who works at Resellerratings that Officetronics had been writing fake reviews on there website. I am glad that Scott came foward about this. I dont think companies like Nextag, Pricegrabber, Shopping are willing to do this. I suggest you stop paying for there advertisement by not click on there resellers and going direct to there homepage by typing in the URL.

  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2011
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    Officetronics - Philip Kim Scam and Fraud
    United States

    Hello Officetronics,

    I am writing this in return to your comment made on your reply:

    I am a former employee of your company and I know the fraud going on within your company. Your company has been committing fraud on a very large scale in the millions of dollars. In regards to your fraud of selling used and refurbished equipment to unsuspecting cusotmers can easily be traced. You have commited fraud by using eraser guns and heat guns to remove refurbished information on the boxes of products you purchased. 90% of the Hewlett Packard products purchased were done through Synnex and some were also done through Ingram Micro. You are not fooling anyone with this fake mission statement. Everyone on the internet knows you are committing fraud and we will not stop until you are made liable for the fraud. You have sold refurbished equipment to companies below and I have proof and letters from some of these companies you have commited fraud. I have already detailed the fraud by explaining how they are committing the fraud by erasing the refurbished sticker off using the electric erasers. Not only have you cheated thousands of customers and hurt them financially you have also caused distress amongst other people. While working at your company you have written hundreds of fake positive reviews using Proxy Servers to hide your identity. I have first hand experience with you demanding from / / to remove any negative reviews posted by Officetronics. These companies that do business with Officetronics is allowing the company to commit fraud by using these places as an avenue of fraud. Also during the time I have worked at Officetronics you have committed a large amount of fraud with Garmin selling refurbished equipement that was in a whitebox as BRAND NEW OEM PRODUCTS. Also Epson printers and Brother printers were also sold in this fashion. YOur company is a total fraud and scam and I will make it my personal goal in life to have you personally liable for all the fraud and scams you have commmited. During the time I have worked at Officetronics you have misclassified more then 2 employeesa as a 1099 when they should be W4 employees. After researching why you did this is to avoid employeer tax. You have commited fraud against the IRS and the working American people Philip Kim. Philip Kim as the owner of the company it is not hard to find out if you have done this. I know from experience that all anyone has to do is find how much refurbished products you have purchased from PCWHOLESALE which is now SYNNEX to show the true amount of fraud committed.

    Your reply letter is a joke and misleading the public from the truth. During the time I have worked at Officetronics your whole business model is based on fraud and scamming the public. You have scammed the goverement for millions of dollars in selling refurbished equipment as NEW. Once the goverement and resellers do an audit as well as the American people we will see the truth behind your fraud.

    Officetronics is purchasing all Refurbished Hewlett Packard products from Synnex in which they sale as brand new. Officetronics is purchasing all Refurbished Brother products from Newport Data and Nuworld in which refurbished products are sold as new. I have outlined the details of where you are purchasing these products to commit fraud and I hope this will help the public shutdown Officetronics and the fraud.

    Here is a comment made by Scott on a public message board about Officetronics writing bogus reviews:

    With regards to Officetronics specifically, we have removed dozens of fake positive reviews that the merchant undoubtedly submitted for themselves and more recently, we removed 12 negative reviews that one person tried to write who wasn’t even a customer because they could not produce an invoice – that’s not allowed — we allow one review per real customer. You can’t come to our site and write 12 negative reviews of a store just to bash it because that’s junk – we care about quality. 12 real customers can come write all the negative reviews they want to, but 1 person can’t just post 12 positive or negative reviews for 1 store. Officetronics’ rating is “N/A” since they haven’t received any reviews in the past 6 months, and their lifetime rating is 5.00 out of 10.00 – not exactly great. The merchant does participate in our Merchant Member program in order to contact reviewers and post replies to reviews, but that program does not affect the merchant’s ratings or reviews in any way. We have not censored their reviews nor removed any of their reviews.

    In light of these facts, I’m going to first try asking you nicely to edit the harmful comments you’ve been making about our site. Stop lumping our site in with your commentary about pricegrabber/ Your comments are completely false and are damaging our reputation.

    Below is a list of some of the companies you have commited fraud against and I will demand from the Goverment Agencies to do an audit for all the products these companies have sold too.

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