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First and foremost,
I applied online and then later called and let them know that I am ready to come in for an interview. They try to pay you very low and say " Oh we do not have jobs that pay more than 11. " They are completely full of bs. I said I will accept 10.50. I get a call within a week after my interview and I did not realize that it was really to good to be true they say there is a position paying 11.50. As i recalled they do not have positions paying more than 11. I go in for the interview and get the job the same day, I now know why. After the first week I tried to get in contact with them numerous times and tell them that I do not like it and they were ignoring me. The job was a scam and they said it was not telemarketing and it definitely was. The only racial group that the client hired were black people with the exceptions of the three latina women and the one white male. I said to myself office team sends all the black women here and then do not get in contact with you when you are trying to reach out. After a month went by the only phone call that I got from them was " the assignment is over." I was pissed because this whole time no one could respond to me when I needed them. When I got my survey I rated them horrible and the woman actually had the nerve to call me and inquire about that. They could not call me about anything else but some bs survey. I will never work with the Woodbridge location ever again. They are horrible!!

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