Office shoe store / taking money from account when items not ordered/dispatched

1 20 hogarth gardens, Glasgow, Scotland, Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Contact information:
Phone: 01415504246

i ordered 2pairs of shoes which when i kept trying to pay at checkout said retry as pmt not received but when i checked bank account i'd been charged for 5pairs shoes, which i did not order and also the 2pairs i had ordered i still had not received dispatch number so therefore goods not dispatched. due to knowing what cash i had in my bank account which covered 2items £115. rest of cash was for my mortgage pmt which was now late due to office overdrawn from my account. called them next day explaining what had happened said it would take at least 5-10 days before any kind of refund and also to my disbelief order still coming up not dispatched so as this was no good to myself as the shoes were gifts for daughters birthday they would arrive to late due to no fault of my own. so as well as not having the funds for mortgage i was also short of gifts but office had the cash. i was told to check bank following day see if refunded account which was not, i was then told to try deal with this myself and my bank to sort which infuriated me even more so as no apology or help what soever from this store and also left hanging without money or gifts, which now will totally put wet blanket on my daughters birthday, wish never heard of this company.

Apr 24, 2013

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