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Office of Thrift Supervision / Fraud

1 Mission Viejo, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 949-283-0540

Cheryl Hodgson
27444 Camden Apt. 2A
Mission Viejo, CA 92692

To whom it may concern,

On June 19, 2008, I sold my home in San Clemente, California to move closer to relatives. I am a single parent, receiving no child support or help from my son’s father. I am an detective for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. I occasionally receive call outs in the middle of the night and have to work long hours during an emergency, i.e.: fires and other catastrophes.. I needed to be closer to family, so that I would have someone to watch my son in such an emergency.
I profited $360, 000 in an escrow check. I checked into bank rates on a typical savings account. Indymac had one of the best rates and was close to my home. My son and I went to the bank and met with the bank’s manager D??. I told her my above situation. I told her I didn’t care if I earned a penny in interest.
I am my son’s sole provider and I wanted my money secure, expecially knowing there was a 14 day hold on the check. D set me up with a money market savings account which I could pull out the money at any time. I asked her how to set up the account and if I should add my son to the account. She advised me not to because of his age. I used only my brother an a beneficiary. I’m sorry that I didn’t understand the banks rules on the proper way to insure your money. I have never had this much money and I probably never will again. I trusted D when she took the check that it would be insured.
Not knowing what was going to transpire, I rented a one bedroom apartment near my brother. The complex is a complete dump and the cops are there almost every day, but it was the only place near my family and my son’s new school. I knew it would only be temporary, until I could find another house. I tried to find a better place, but nobody wanted a temporary tenant. Plus, most of my belongs were in storage.
A little over two weeks later, the FDIC took over Indymac Bank. I found out my account was only covered for $100, 000. I lost $130, 000 because of this. I went down to the bank in tears. I personally asked ?? How she could have done this to me. Her reply, “You should have had a financial advisor, that’s not my job”. I then met with Ed Perkins of the FDIC, who was also at the bank. He told me what I needed to do as far as a receiver certificate. Ed said, “don’t worry, you will get your money back”. Over the next couple weeks, I called the FDIC and spoke to several claims agents. They all advised me it would take time, but I would get all or most of my money back.
Since July, I have contacted and written Gordon Talbot from the Office of the Ombudsman, Andrew Grey with the FDIC, Kyle J Leyendecker with the FDIC, Austin, who didn’t give his last name, with the FDIC, President G. Bush’s office, President-elect Obama’s office, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Lykis, Rush Limbaugh, The Consumer’s Union, The Office of Thrift Supervision, The Los Angeles Times, The Orange County Register, several local news channels, many of our Senators and Congressmen. I even went directly into Congressman Gary Miller’s district office. On the few responses that I received back, I have hear “sorry, but there is nothing I will do or want to do for you”.
On 01-13-09, ABC from New York interviewed myself, Lisa Marshall and Hamir ?? Unfortunately, our interview was cancelled because of the plane crash on the Hudson River. It took precedence to our story as it rightly should have.

I have researched what happened with Indymac. The reason I and the other 99, 999 unsecured depositor were not secured is because we were lied too. I believe the employees purposely did this because of the high insurance premiums for accounts over 100K. Believe me, I would have paid the extra premium. The Office of Thrift Supervision, Dochow aided and abetted Indymac by allowing them to lie about deposits. The OTS knew Indymac was a “reckless” bank, yet they looked the other way, probably for kick backs. They swindled millions out of honest, hard working Americans. This is the part of the government who is suppose to safeguard the American public.
In short, I and all of the other depositors I have spoken to have been penalized for all the wrong doings of the government. I am being penalized for saving my money and working hard. I have always paid my bills on time, never missed a mortgage payment, never committed a crime and have been a US taxpayer for 27 years. I have not ran up my credit cards, bought a house I couldn’t afford and forgone the cute Coach purse for $500.00. I have safeguarded the public and put criminals in jail for over 21 years. I have saved for my son’s college since the day he was born and put money into a retirement account aside from the county’s retirement system. It’s that what we are suppose to do, right?
The FDIC is trying to do a “Fire Sale” on Indymac. They purposely kept this quiet and tried to sneak it through on Christmas Eve, then took off Friday the 26th to avoid the heat. In the agreement, “Indymac uninsured depositors will receive no further dividends”.
I am sorry, but I have little to no faith in the government of the United States. I wonder what other lies and secrets they are covering up to make themselves more powerful and richer. We hear about other scandals each and every day.
The United States is going to fall apart, it has already started to happen because of people in high powered job are not doing what is right. We look upon these people for shelter and guidance. I believe you must have good, honest leadership to have a Great Nation. How can the common American want to do what is right, when some of our leaders are dishonest and untrustworthy. Lead by example and do what is right is my motto.
I am still in that one bedroom apartment hoping for the best. I have sold my Volvo SUV and bought a 2005 pickup for $8, 000.00. I have no TV, no phone and spend money only when it is absolutely necessary. I have asked Indymac to help me with a home loan, possibly writing off the 130K. Their answer, NO. I have asked to buy one of their foreclosures and take $130K off the sales price. Their answer, NO. The houses I can now afford are foreclosures that have been neglected and need a lot of money pour into them. I look at most of them and cry. I am a fighter, I will make up enough money to buy a home in a nice neighborhood. It will just take time.
To whom ever may read this letter, please help me and my fellow depositors. Do what is right, help us fight our fight. We deserve to be heard and we deserve our money back.

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