Office of the Principal ITI,Kalyani,Government of West Bengal, Nadia / Complaint against hacking of email account

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Dear sir,
I am registering a complaint of professional hacking to my office email accounts: [protected]
Some person is hacking on to my office email ids with message: ''sub: Pls, get back to me, '' and also wrote:" Upon all my troubles, I'm glad to remain in touch with you. I'm very sorry you were not infomed about my conference trip to spain.I want you... ...I need about 1500 Euro from you to sort out..etc".

Above all this miscreant, whoever it is, has been mailing this message to the diferrent offices using the contact details from my said email and causing character humiliation. This act is not only illegal but crime and a threat to users of Hotmail.
Further, as this a government office email id- the same consists of very important document which are being used for government job- I, now really fear whether the same documents can be recovered or not.
As such, presently I am not able to access my said email id as the password might be changed by the said miscreant.

Therefore, considering the gravity of the situation you are requested to look into the matter and take appropriate steps against such hacking.


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