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Not giving me a refund

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I ordered a modem and service online. i thought was ordering from comcast...no where on the site did it even mention Offerwire. i went to Comcast to pick up the equipment the following day and they said they had no record of me ordering service. I picked up my starter kit and installed my service. i week later the same starter kit was sent to me by offerwire. At this time I called the number in the box and sent back the kit and the modem. I didn't realize at the time that my card was charged this amount until I went to the bank. The site was very misleading. The returned product was delivered and singed for on June 21st. To this date I have not received my credit. The first excuse was they were waiting to hear from they corporate office and they would call em back. I never received a call and I continued to call getting no where. Last week i was oltd that they can credit me but they're having a system issue and I will be credited when they are back up. i called again this morning and it's the same story but this time I was told not to call back until 5 business days. what kind of service is this??? Why can't I have my money back?

Please help me!
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N  11th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes

I work at Bridgevine Inc and offerwire.com is one of our websites. Please email me your order confirmation number and I'll personally look into this matter for you. It's important to us that our customers are happy and satisfied.

Mark Ballard
N  28th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
Registered to redeme my $100 Visa cash card but can't get to next page on web site. I was to receive it for ordering Time Warner cable/phone/ISP service.
A  4th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
i am having the same problem, i was told that comcast doesnt have thier own boxes first and that i had to order through offerwire, so i did, 70.31 later i couldnt even get service, ended up going to att, i sent the upopened merchandise back and have still not recieved a refund this is back in august. i just called comcast today and they said that they dont work with any other company, that they handle all of their boxes and modems!??!?
A  8th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just received a fraudulent charge we never ordered this so I guess now they are stooping to a new low. We've contacted our bank and we are contacting the better business bureau and we've just contacted this company with only one operator with a phony accent... but we'd already had fraud alerts on all our cards . I'm forwarding information on this company to my state representative and local police internet division . Now this company has finally broken the Law!
A  4th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I ordered wild blue Internet service trough offerwire.com on February 15th 2009. I was mislead about the placement of the dish for my Internet. I explained that I live in a motor home and travel around the country while attending college online and was in dire need of Mobile Internet service. The customer service rep. told me and I quote " yes we are able to attach the dish to the top of your motor home or on a tripod if you prefer and have the ability to get a tripod because unfortunately we do not carry tripods". I repeatedly asked if they were sure they were capable of doing that because I had checked other satellite Internet providers that were not able to do that. They said yes ma'am that will not be problem. I agreed to the $80.95 to be deducted from my debit card. They deducted the money from my account 2 days latter on the 17th, 2 days later I received 2 packages ups i opened them up and made sure one was the router and one was the modem and the dish. the box with the dish was to heavy for me to carry so I left it on my patio and took the small package inside. Somewhere between the time I received the packages and the time the installer arrived to set the equipment up the packaging box to the router was used for something (I believe it was used to wrap a gift for someone) else. The router was still in the manufacturers packaging however.
When the installer arrived to set up the equipment he started getting stuff out of his vehicle to cement a pole into the ground for the dish to go on. I stopped him and explained what the customer service rep. and I had spoke about, the instillation method of the dish and explained I had been able to acquire a tripod for the dish and preferred that but was willing to have it mounted to the roof of my motor home. He said he was not able to put it on a tripod and did not have the necessary equipment to mount it to my motor home because they were not supposed to do that but he would wait while I called the company and requested permission to reschedule a new instillation date so they or I could acquire the necessary equipment to install to my roof. I asked him for the number I should call, it was the same number I had used to order my service. The customer service rep. and their supervisor said they apologize for the misunderstanding but the could only mount the dish on a cemented pole or the roof of a house (not a not a motor home). I was disappointed and put in a bit of a bind but accepted their apology and explained about not having the package the router came in. The Rep. told me I could put the router in the dish box and affix the ups label in the dish box to the outside of the box and call ups and request a pickup and contact them back when ups picked up the package so my account could be credited back the $80.95. Ups picked up the package later that same day so I called the same # I had before and let them know it was picked up. They looked up the confirmation of the pick up and said it would be 3 to 5 business days before the money was back in my account. The money was never credited. I called several times and they had explained the router came from one company and everything else came from another company and they would have to confirm the router indeed was in the dish box before my money was returned, I explained what I was told to do regarding the shipping of the two separate packages in one package and up til this point was never made aware that I was dealing with two separate companies so they told me back in March. The lady (Rep.) assured me she would do what she could do to find that router and if I do not hear from them with in a week call back and request to speak with her. I called her exactly one week later and she informed me the router was found and I will receive my money within 3 to 5 business days.
Of course I never received anything other than over draft fees every month from march to June because they were attempting to take my monthly bill out every month until someone finally figured out that I never actually received service. I was unaware of these charges because the debit card I used was one I received my income taxes on and made sure there was a zero balance when me being as naive and trusting as I'm accused of being finally figured out I was being given the run around. I continued to call every month basically knowing I was never going to get a dime back of the $80.95 I agreed to, to start the service. I knew there was about as much as a snowballs chance in hell to get any of the overdraft fees for the three months they attempted to charge me let alone the $49.95 they say I still owe for restocking and shipping fees I told the man I spoke with whom assures me that charge was removed yesterday that I am told at the beginning of every call I owe and at the end of that same call it has been removed. Am I going to be told that I owe it again next time I call and at the end of that call it is removed again. On November 17th I was really hurting financially and it was 2 days beforee my daughters birthday and hoped that maybe someone would have a heart and I would get somewhere with this. During that phone call I am told that they have no record I have ever called and that the reason they will not give me my money is because they never received my router. I explained the entire situation to 3 different reps. and they have no way of finding out where the box with everything was shipped to or how to attempt to find out who got it and is there any type of notes on anything about a router in that particular box a serial number for that router (they say they don't keep track of serial numbers if the routers even have them but they are pretty sure they do not have serial numbers) I am not ignorant to electronics there is some sort of serial number on everything, especially something like that insurance purposes is one reason they would have them somewhere. In the course of this day I was given 4 different company names and phone numbers all of them were basically the same company (bridgevine inc.) I said "you record all calls is that correct and if I'm right pull the record?" I was told by the last person I spoke to that yes they record all calls and would gladly look them up if they ever existed, I said so you are calling me a liar on top of everything else you all have put me through. She stuttered around and gave me to her boss Celicia badge #625 Sr. Rep. I said the same Celicia badge #625 Sr. Rep that I spoke with back in March that said she found the router and assured me I would have my money back in 3 to 5 business days. She quickly denied that she ever spoke to me and there is no record I ever called before today other than to cancel the service. (the one name, badge # and title I ever wrote down because she was so nice and at the time I was assured she figured everything out for me and I would def. get my money back). She has hung up on me and when I call right back I am put on hold for a minimum of 15 min then am told she has left for the day. I have called different days and when I ask for her and give them my name am put on hold then told she is not there. I asked my boyfriend to call and request to speak with her and he was immediately connected to her, he asked her to please hold then I got on the phone, she said sorry I was not available when you called but I am submitting another request to corporate to find the router and if so request a refund. I asked if I could be connected or given a number to speak to them directly she said that is not possible she can only submit another request. I want to speak to someone who alive in corporate not wait another year to be told "I will submit another request and we will call you back within the week." I have asked for the tracking number for the box I returned so I can find out from them something possibly useful in helping me locate that router so I can get my refund back before my credit card expires on 12/31/2009. She says they don't have that info but will make sure she gets a response from corporate 3pm Monday 12/7/2009. I asked if she was going to avoid my calls or hang up on me again and was she really going to call. She promised I would hear from her with an answer by 3pm Monday. I have spoken to numerous people and am getting no where, no one will tell me where the box went, connect me through to corporate, anything that will help me in any way, until hopefully tonight I spoke with a man that assures me if I call and request to speak with him Monday during his shift he will do everything in his power to help me speak with someone in corporate that has permission to do something or has some info that will help. I will not say this mans name or info at this time until he helps or avoids me Monday. You know who you are and I appreciate you treating me like a human, not a paycheck and pray you keep your word I have faith in you please don't let me down.
N  7th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
I also had an issue with Offerwire - somehow my promotional pricing for HSI ($19.99 for 6 months) was no communicated/correctly inserted to Comcast. Instead, I was incorrectly billed at $59.95 monthly. Going through the Offerwire automated system at 1-866-299-1833, I selected "billing issue" and "Comcast" and was instructed to call Comcast directly. I called Comcast, and their CSRs stated that they did not have access to the above stated promotion and that the Offerwire representative must have incorrectly entered my promotion. They recommended I contact an Offerwire CSR to have the order entered correctly. The Offerwire CSR stated that she would pass the information up, and I should call back if I have not heard from Offerwire in 7 business days. I sent an email to Mark Ballard at the email above, and he was very quick to bump the issue up to the appropriate people at Offerwire. Within one day, I received a call from Comcast stating that my bill was adjusted appropriately. I do think that Offerwire intends to stand behind their products, but it can be difficult to get through to an actual person. I am very thankful that Mark was able to help Offerwire deliver on the offers that they presented to me.

With regards to Offerwire rebates, I submitted and photocopied all of my rebate information within the appropriate window. I have received my D-link rebate and the order status on all of my Offerwire rebates state that they are in their final stage and should be mailed shortly. The only issue, and I may email Mark about this as well, is that I have not been credited the $25 that I should have received for going through a referral from another Offerwire customer (she has not received her credit either). I am continuing to look into this.
A  7th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
It is quite simple. Offerwire overcharges, does not provide reciepts, has no email address, Is unreachable on the phone. This is all by design. Class action anyone?
N  4th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Offerwire is a scam when it comes to receiving their "promised" refunds. I signed up for Comcast service through Offerwire and they promised a $300 VISA giftcard as well as a $50 rebate on a wireless cable modem. When I had not received either of the rebates I contacted Offerwire (12 weeks later) and was told that they had sent me an email explaining all the steps I needed to go through to obtain the refund. I explained to both the cust serv rep and her supervisor that I never received the email nor was I ever informed that I should be looking for this email. The supervisor told me there was nothing she could do about it and was unable to escalate my complaint. When I asked for their corporate contact info she told me she did not have it. I called back and found out that customer service was located somewhere in the Caribbean and the corporate office (otherwise known as Bridgevine, Inc ) was in Fla. It is funny that Offerwire has no corporate info on the internet.
A  14th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Stay away from Offerwire. Never provided receipt required for rebate. Called & e-mailed and rebate expired in the meantime. I was on the phone for so long and so many times to go no where. Do not buy wireless router from them even if they say it is free after rebate as you will be presented with many obstacles and when you get it, it is a Visa card which charges $3 monthly fee etc (No I did not get the rebate.)
N  15th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am also fighting this ridculous company for a refund...I ordered a wireless modem from a website called "charterspecials.com" assuming it was part of the charter cable company...nowhere on the website did it say anything about offerwire. not long after I called to set up my service...I called back to cancel, because it was just way too expensive. I spoke with a rep on teh phone, and they told me that both my service and my order for a wireless router had been cancelled.
About a week later, I check my bank account, and i am overdrafted by $100, because offerwire charged me for the router and shipped it to my house! even after they told me that they would cancel. I called and they were very difficult...I had to get transfered to three seperate departments...they claimed that the person ispoke with was not an employee of theirs, and that they would check the recorded phone calls to see if i canceled. of course they claimed that i never canceled. I am going to fight the charges with bank and report them to the better business beureau...I officially hate this "comapny".
N  27th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
Offerwire seems to be biggest cheater I have ever seen in my life. Never ever order anything from Offerwire.
N  27th of Jan, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been told if your modem is not working sent us back and we will issue you the refund because its under warranty. I went ahead and returned the equipment and did not get any refund. When I called back, I have been told we can not issue refund without any reason. Supervisor said, because you had modem for last 5 months and it was working at that time even if its under warranty, we won't usually issue the refund. When I asked her that your department has given me this information, she said let me call corporate department and check this out for you. Still no call from her. Offerwire is cheater. Offerwire is cheater
N  4th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes

I'm sorry that you are having problems with your rebate. I'm an employee of Bridgevine and may be able to get this issue resolved for you. Please email me your order confirmation number and any other information that you may have and I'll personally look into this matter for you.

Mark Ballard
A  5th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I called my local cable company Charter when moving to my new place to set up internet was told I could purchase my new equipment and receive a rebate for the $120 instead of renting cable companies equipment.Cable tech shows up to install internet and wireless and informs me these are not their equipment and the equipment would not work with my internet second tech comes out because I have half the download speed Im supposed to have also says not our equipment call offerwire speaking with Stephanie and demand full refund and that they pay shipping as I was mislead says she has to speak with supervisor after a long hold comes back says her supervisior in a meeting but told her to give me full refund and will E-mail me a prepaid shipping label well 3 days later still no refund these people are FRAUD and I want my money back and they need to be shutdown
N  8th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Mom, Why don't you email me like I have stated in the post above. I'll look into this matter for you.

Mark Ballard
A  15th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
Offerwire is awful. I was told when I used them to sign up for Comcast back in late September that I'd be receiving three gift cards: 1 25$ just for signing up, and 1 for 59.95$ and 40$ as rebates for modem and router. It is now February and I have not received anything. Calling customer service just results in them telling me there's nothing they can do. Is anyone else considering taking legal action? This is absolutely ridiculous.
A  22nd of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree with all the above complaints. I had trouble getting my internet set up with this cable modem but finally got it running. Then I read the fine print and discover that I will not be getting a rebate check. Oh, no...they send a prepaid VISA card! I am not about to go thru the hell of trying to get my money out of one of those cards and then trying to cancel the damn card! FEES FEES FEES!! These cards are a ripoff and nothing but trouble! I will simply forgo my rebate...what happened to the good old days of getting a rebate check in the mail????

Marketing thru deception is the modern way to sell things. Fly by night.
N  22nd of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes

Offerwire - Comcast Rebate
United States

My rebate request was initially denied for reasons that were unclear to me. Mark Ballard helped me obtain a satisfactory resolution to the problem quite quickly. Take him up on his offer to help.
N  24th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm sorry that you are having problems with your rebate. I'm an employee of Bridgevine and may be able to get this issue resolved for you. Please email me your order confirmation number and any other information that you may have and I'll personally look into this matter for you.

Mark Ballard
N  2nd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes

Offerwire - NO REFUND
United States

Forget about the rebate, it won't happen. Check with COMCAST first because the equipment may be provided free with the service.

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