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Off Broadway Sphynx - Kris Edwards


Not holding CFA breeder standards

Complaint Rating:  80 % with 5 votes
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Contact information:
Off Broadway Sphynx
640 east 18th
Sedalia, Missouri
United States
Phone: 6605533306 - 6605537647 - 6606192478
Sold 3 kittens without health certs.

Kittens went to new homes with herpes, and pneumonia. One kitten was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumor Cancer. Another kitten died within 2 weeks. All was undisclosed and new owners found out from their personal vets.

Breeder will not hold up to 1 year genetic health gaurentee. It was vet documented that Cancer was inherited.

Breeder has changed cattery names several times over last couple years.

Her website says she is not breeding anymore - But she just purchased a new male and a female.

STAY AWAY. Be weary, be cautious!

There are so many other good Sphynx breeders! STAY FAR AWAY!
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A  6th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I agree. Kris, Cassandra Heinrich, and Off Broadway Sphynx are HORRIBLE to deal with. They are unethical. I purchased a kitten from them and had to take it to the ER within 72 hours. She had severe hookworms, infections in both eyes and ears, diarrhea, and almost died. She weighed 1.5 pounds! Kris was not even concerned and didn't offer ANY sort of help. The other 2 cats that came with mine both got sick, one of them died and the other one has cancer. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! This woman should not be allowed to even own a cat as a pet, let alone breed!!
A  25th of Feb, 2010 by    -1 Votes
So sorry you all went through this, I had a bad experience almost 2 years ago, She took my money and I never got any one of the 4 kittens I paid for. I guess I am a little lucky, I did get some of my money back, but she still owes me. She is a real piece of work, she does not care about her cats or anyone she hurts along the way, cats or people. I posted my experience on here as well, after I knew I had been scammed.
She has three old sites, two have the same cats and says she is selling out, I am sure she has a new site now, be on the look out folks, she is a bad bug. She has a few people on here with complaints about her now.
A  22nd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree.
She sold me a cat who was completely un-socialized to the point where he scarred my teenage sons arm. She also scammed me out of paperwork for a kitten I bought at the same time. 18 months on and I see she's still up to her dirty tricks.

She is the worst kind of scammer, as she keeps reappearing under different names/ catteries and continues to scam people.

So sorry that you had this experience with her. Her website says she's no longer breeding, all that means is she's working on a new website and new alias, that is the way she works.
A  15th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
Be aware she is not operating under the name Raime Hancock with the user name shomesphynx on Hoobly website. One site says she is no longer selling, several different names and locations. But she is still operating in Sedalia. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM HER!
N  15th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
sorry I meant to say she is NOW operating under the name Raime Hancock.
N  24th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Are you all aware that what your doing is spewing lies all over the internet? Raime Hancock is not Kris Edwards or Cassie Heinrich, and she doesnt even live where you all say, and goodness those arent even her phone numbers ! I just purchased a kitten from Raime, she is new to the Sphynx breeding, and was extremely wonderful and helpful, my kitten came to me fat happy, and GORGEOUS, and yes with papers . Perhaps you all should try emailing her to ask to speak with her via phone, or to visit her before making assumptions ! Looks like this boils down to Sphynx breeders trying to kill a new breeders business, is it against the law for anyone in Missouri to breed without you harrasing them, are you aware that your grasping at straws ??? I will post my email here for anyone wanting the truth about Raime and her Sphynx ! melodyb47@yahoo.com
My name is Melody Beech, and I am from Springfield, Mo ...in case I too am suddenly accused of selling the Golden Gate Bridge or something just as ridiculous as these lies
A  23rd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Melody, I can only see ONE person saying Offbroadway is Raime not any of the other posters.

I have no idea who Raime is, and do not associate that name (Raime) with Offbroadway/ Kris Edwards/ Cassie Hedderich and any other name Cassie/ Kris posts under when she gets caught out scamming.

Cassie Hedderich is still breeding sick Sphynx in Sedalia and is STILL scamming people.
N  23rd of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
A quick google shows shomesphynx and offbroadwaysphynx use identical backgrounds in pictures when advertising on Hoobly. They also live in the same town according to Hoobly user details:

Hoobly user;
Detected Location:
Sedalia, Missouri.

Maybe they go to each others houses and share identical blankets...
Two pictures of satin material, one is shome's, one is offbroadway. two pictures of other material, one is shome's one is offroadway.

Looks like you were one of the lucky ones, she doesn't scam everyone. Melody. Cassie Hedderich, doesn't work alone, she uses her sister too. Maybe you got lucky and bought from a 'friend' of hers..

N  24th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am Kristin Edwards, and wow I guess it is time I respond to this, I have been hounded for the last 2 years . First off let me say, I did send 3 kittens to Fla, all were vet checked and cleared healthy, these kittens were shipped via a ground shipper, who assured me they arrived healthy . These kittens went to another breeder whom I thought highly of at the time, she offered to help get these kittens to their buyers, the first email I received about the 1st sick kitten was within a week, and the breeder who was helping me, told me she was fantastic the night she left her house, the buyer wanted a full refund but didnt want to return the kitten, after I told her the kitten left me healthy & didnt know what she had been subjected to, I could replace her if she died but vet care was her responsibility . The second kitten was the female sent on trade to the "helping breeder" she told me she was fine, and then all of a sudden just dying, this was a few weeks after arriving there, I asked for a necropsy, she said she would call me back as she was upset, when she called me back she had already buried the kitten . I can not be held responsible if I dont know the reason. The 3rd kitten spent 3 months in the home of said breeder before going to his home, the owner told me via email (I have said email ) that this was NOT genetic . I was very upset over these kittens as I love each and everyone of them . I sure wish I could of seen in the a crystal ball for that whole ordeal as I never would of sent them . I have never pointed fingers over who should be to blame over that but as a breeder when you get your kittens health checked by a licensed vet and are told they can go, that is what you trust. All my babies left me healthy and happy
N  24th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Kristin again, I guess it is against the law for anyone in Sedalia to breed Sphynx without automatically being the one breeder everyone knows, I do know Raime Hancock, goodness Sedalia is a small place, approx 25, 000 population. I was excited to have a fellow breeder so close, who wouldnt be ? To be able to talk to and share info with another breeder so close, is a gift ! Raime has her first litter of babies and guess what I helped her as much as I can given my knowledge ( I would have more but I guess cat breeders are very stingy with whom they offer advice to, all I have gotten is rudeness and hateful lies ) Raime does not have any of my cats nor do I have any of hers, we do not share cattery responsabilities or are affiliated in any way shape or form. IF I can help her, I will ! I will not act secretive or shameful in being a friend if I can . Everyone out there that loves to assume the worst about me, is as Melody said grasping for straws . I care deeply for my cats who are pets above everything ! My kittens will as always be vet checked before leaving and will have proof of shots, neg fecal, and I am proud to say have a fantastic purrsonality when they arrive at their new homes . I am Krisitn Edwards, only me as I will always be . Make informed choices and yes there are 2 sides to every story, ignorance reigns supreme, as people in general love to believe the worst of others - it is easier than taking the time to find out otherwise . I think if given the chance I would pleasantly surprise you . Feel free to email me luvnsphynx@aol.com
I will be happy to talk about any of the accusations posted here or elsewhere .
N  24th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Thank you Melody for taking the time to alert me to the lies and posting my responses, PLEASE post updates of your baby from Raime, and for sticking up for her . Thank you also for giving me the benefit of the doubt .

Melody contacted me and told me about the postings on this website, here I thought the bull had all died down. Please really email me directly for information. I have an account on here and will be checking back regularly to disprove any lies .
luvnsphynx@aol.com and if emailed directly would also love to talk in person. I almost gave up, but my love for the Sphynx kept me here, I really hope my love for my cats passes on to you.

Kristin Edwards, yesterday, today and tomorrow
A  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
She told my wife who is sick with lupus and was just diagnosed with lymphoma a few weeks ago that she would sell us a female cat, we told her we'd have the money on the 1oth of this month for the kitten, she agreed to hold, on the 10th we had the money, my wife emailed her and told her she was still in the hospital and she had the money, we got a ok that 's great response. We then emailed on the 18th no response then a few days later resent another response and got an "oh your wife wanted a female and I only have males left' now i have to tell my wife, who had been down since her lymphoma diagnoses the 2 weeks ago, that the one thing she has been looking forward to is gone. Now I have to tell my girls that the one thing giving them something to look forward to is gone. We were hoping to have a kittten waiting for my wife when we got home, she wanted a cat she could show on her good days (not seriously into showing but she likes to have that as a social time for her when she's strong enough to get out once in awhile) . She had a intent to sell contract and did not honor it. Now i have to find a way to break it to my family and watch them fall apart again as things have been for the past few weeks. She was so lazy she couldn't even say hey how are things etc no she sold to the highest bidder without regard to the family she'd been talking to on a regular basis since august and we'd offered her a portion of the money several times. I have the emails and I plan to talk to an atty about this. It may not get my wife her kitten, but at least she'll learn a lesson. And yes, we saved all the emails, we always do just in case things are a scam, like this was. We had a great home for this kitty, my wife is home 24/7 due to her illenss, we are a home of cat lovers and animal lovers, my wife went on ebay and bought the cat clothes a wrought iron kitty bed and food dishes. She was excited and at some point today, I'm going to have to break the news to her and it's literally killing me. Really killing me.
N  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Are you serious Tylerandheather??? I do not hold a cat or kitten without a deposit simple as that, your email to me 2 days ago said and I quote ! " Oh no, she wanted me to write you 2 weeks ago ! I guess I should of contacted you when she told me so do you know anyone else who has a female at the same price?
HMMMMM, trying to place blame on me, doesn't change anything ... I didnt hear from your wife on the 4th of Sept like she promised and didnt sell the cat til the 18th !! I never received any money from you, we had no written contract . I wish your wife well and hope she finds a cat but seriously when you place blame on me for something that was totally in your control does not change the fact that I will not hold a cat without a deposit . I found her a wonderful pet home and it was definitely not about the highest bidder since I dropped her price even more
A  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Ah this might hold up if we didn't have everything in writing, and if we were your only or even worst complaint. See we did offer you a deposit in august, you told us we should wait for the entire amount, have that in writing. My wife wrote you on the first stating we 'd have the whole amount on the 10th you said ok. We then wrote you on the 10th and she told you she was still in the hosptial (where she remains today) and we had the money you said ok. My wife was concerned over the weekend because we didn't know where to send it to etc and since the docs are hoping to discharge her this weekend, she wanted me to get the money to you and email you over the weekend. Yes i was supposted to email you 2 DAYS ago as 2 weeks ago you had already heard from us twice and responded. We have contacted and atty and have a plan of action, This may get even bigger with your threats of slander/libel. What we do have on our side are lots of resources and references. It was about he highest bidder. Otherwise when we had kept our communications so consistant why wouldn't you have just emailed or called since our number is on the emails to see if there was a problem if you thought there was a problem espeically given my wife's health issues. Yes i asked you about a nohter cat because I really dont want to go tell my wife you sold the cat she has been looking forward to for over a month and had just talked to you about a little over a week ago. She even told me she was worried since she hadn't heard from you since the last email as you had kept in contact so well. We offered you a deposit several times I have it in writing, I actually had it pulled professionally off of my hard drive. So that way if we need to we can take it to court. It's funny you would suddenly drop the price "even lower" for someone when you know someone is already waiting to buy the cat at the price you quoted. Did the cat get sick like the others above and you had to unload it? I hope not. Poor kitties. My wife was nothing but kind to you and I was too and you were upset that I questioned why after less than 10 days would you sell a cat that we told you we had the money for you were in agreement to sell. YOU became defensive. When my atty found several websites with complaints, then yes I joined to put my story up. It's funny the kennel that my wife worked with has no websites up like this after over 10 years that she was in the business not one website like this ever. That says a lot about your business practices. OH p.s. the email I sent you was last night not 2 days ago... you really need help
A  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
We offered you a deposit several times. We have emails to from you discussing this. we also have an attorney. You heard from her on the 1st staying we 'd have the money on the 10th you said ok. She emailed you on the 10th to tell you we have the money and she is in the hospital you said ok. We offered you a deposit of a third of the cat in August you told us to wait til we had the entire amount. Your counter might be viable had we not had everything in writing and if we hadn't been your only or worst complaint. Now you are threatening us with slande/libel. Not to smart on your part.
N  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am a friend of the family and work here with Tyler, and yes they did offer a deposit several times, I've seen the emails. i own 4 sphynx all s/n I don't breed and only buy from reputable breeders. Two of my cats came from the top show breeder in the country at the time. I plan on trying to get a hold of my breeder in fla to get them a cat this is ridiculous i can't believe this . No reputable breeder is going to not sell them a cat without checking them out. You are crazy. Also reputable breeders honor all verbal/written contracts, do not sell sick cats, do not lower and raise their prices based on whims which you have admittedly done and actually have contracts. You don't have those either and I told them I'd be leary of you last month when you offered NO written contract. But they just wanted a cat that she could go home to and would be with her while she was so sick. I think the sick one is you. You took advantage of good people at a vulnerable state.
N  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Please contact me, I found your information through a friend who heard of this situation. I don't have your email address but found all of these complaints by checking out this "breeder" I have a few retired breeders, a couple of retired show cats that are young and I'm expecting a litter next month I am willing to adopt, I have contracts and am an ethical breeder. I know Tesh who works with Tyler and am very willing to get them whatever they need in a cat. And by the way, they were right, NO ETHICAL BREEDER IS GOING TO DENY SOMONE A CAT BASED ON HEAR SAY. Go take your febel threats else where. How dare someone take advantage of someone in that sort of vulnerable situation. Why wouldn't you communicate one last time, just in case their emails weren't getting through or something to be sure? Why would someone waste time communicating so often then "drop off of the face of the earth?" WHY would you lower a price on a kitten/cat for someone when you have a buyer? A lot of things you state DON"T make sense "Kris" or which ever alias you are using now. You've been in the SB community radar for sometime now haven't you.
N  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
This is really sad, that after this long and Tyler even telling me it was HIS fault for not emailing me when his wife requested him to do so, I am still being blamed ...well guess what - I am not going to apologize any furthur, I did not ever get a deposit nor was it ever offered to me and I will GLADLY send emails to anyone interested in this matter. NO DEPOSIT -NO HOLD . Standard business practice . I held the cat longer than I was asked waiting in good faith (do you know how many people have backed out when I have waited before ?) I found the cat a wonderful loving home, I would never expect someone to hold a cat without money and again none was offered and none sent (she claimed to be broke til the 1st when she would pay me) . I did offer a male kitten for the same price however and yes I have that email too :) To which he passed . So I didnt hold the cat you wanted - we had no contract - no money down - to me that means :good luck in your search for you perfect cat . I wish only good health to your wife and Im sorry for her that the cat was sold .
A  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I saw the emails too, She offered you a third of the cost in August and emailed you on the first and tenth regarding the cat but that's ok we are going to help them out. We are ETHICAL breeders. You on the other hand have a ton of complaints against you. Glad they didn't get one of your herpes cats!
N  6th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Hi, my name is Kristin Edwards. My older half- sister, Cassandra Hedderich, has been using my name to sell these sphynx cats for probably 2 years or more, without my consent. I see opened mail with my name on it at her house all the time. You people should know that Cassie is a master con artist, liar and manipulator. She's abusive to her cats and keep them locked up constantly, dirty, never changing litter boxes, and breeds them until they die. I would say over breeds them. Now, I know nothing of the breeding business, but I don't think she should have a ton of neglected cats stinking up her home causing health problems for her children. I asked her several times to take it out of my name, and she's refused. Kind of weird to see her talking to a stranger, and they are calling her my name.
I would love it if anyone would help me get this taken care of, and give Cassie Hedderich justice in the form of the truth. She needs to face it. She can't use my good name b/c hers is tarnished from her past deals. She lives in Sedalia Mo. On 18th and Collins St.
My email address is: mellowgold11@hotmail.com

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