ODSLack of coverage for anesthesia

I am a physician, and I continue to be amazed by the health coverage or lack of it, when dealing with ODS. ODS stands for Oregon Dental Service, and they are a primary insurer for Oregon Health & Science University for dental coverage and for prescription medication coverage.

My 6 year old son had recently had to have a filling. We were charged the customary deductible of $50. We also paid the 80% of the remaining uncovered charges. However, I was flabbergasted that ODS does not cover premedications, analgesics, or anesthetics. When I reviewed the exclusions, I confirmed thet ODS excludes the following:
- ... premedications, analgesics, anesthetics, or any other prescribed drugs are excluded.

-a separate charge for anesthesia and/or IV sedation, other than general anesthesia...

-a charge for hospital costs or any additionasl fees charge by the dentist because the patient is hospitalized.

I usually like to have analgesics or anesthetics for my kid's dental work. ODS should be ashamed. Fortunately, I can afford this. However, there are many patients for whom this is a significant hardship.

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