Odesk CorporationUnrelevant Support Staff

From past some years I have been honestly and efficiently making my living from .Odesk suspended my account and Freelancer profile.Here is the link to my odesk profile page:
The response of support is pathetic and not supportive or helpful in any way, as nothing is justified among me. The odesk Support team is acting exactly like a "PUBLIC RELATIONS REPRESENTATIVE" and just getting me informed about decisions made by the company.
An ideal Freelancer Support Representative or team interacts with a Freelancer to provide them with information to address inquiries regarding decisions and services. In addition, they deal with and help resolve any complaints and issues.
Its the duty of Support Representative may attempt to solve the problems or at least propose some solutions to make sure the Freelancer/client is satisfied.satisfied. Odesk support staff is reacting like gatekeepers, getting information on the problem and passing it back to me to me in a public relations limited version.

Nov 16, 2014

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