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I have been hired by one of my client. He paid 10 % upfront.
After starting of the project he did too many modification in project requirement without paying extra charges, Still i managed to deliver whole project code, which was running fine on my server on web. But client said to deploy project code on his server up and running, then after that he will pay rest of the amount. When i was deploying the code on server, he has ended the contract and left a negative feedback and 1 rating out of 5 scale. I asked from oDesk team about the negative feedback, they said if you refund the money then the feedback will not be visible to public else there is no option, It's between me and client, oDesk can't help. I said i have 100 e-mails and chat history for a proof, so if oDesk want any proof then send me their contact email Id of oDesk, i will forward all emails there, so it helps odesk to take the fair decision, but no conclusion while talking to odesk and finally i have refunded whole amount of project to the client to make negative feedback invisible to my profile.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Redwood City, CA
After 2 days they have suspended my profile temporarily by saying that cover letter violation, I accepted. In a mean time, The same client said to hire me again, fortunately my profile was suspended, at that time. I said to contact the agency which i have been associated as well as i have informed to oDesk as well regarding this client. At last what i got, permanent suspension of account on the basis of the information which i have sent to oDesk regarding the client where i have mentioned the chat between me and client(part of information 5 %) .
oDesk put the case of forgery on me, No idea why.

So i understand how they deal between the client and contractor. I have lost so much time somewhere around 1 month while talking to odesk agents.
Conclusion: If you are fair and honest towards the work and your client still they never care and do this thing which has happened with me.
Now my profile is permanently suspended. I moved to other portals in last one month after getting so much dissatisfaction from this portal.

If you need any proof or evidence for cross-verification, Please contact me, I can show you the whole details.

Brijesh Kumar

Odesk Corporation
Odesk Corporation
Odesk Corporation

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