Odesk CorporationAccount suspended without any valid reason

Hi.. I am Jayana from India. I have contractor account in I used to work for web designing via Odesk platform for almost 3 years. I have good reputation among the clients. I have successfully finished around 63 job and done around 600+ hours work with average 95% of good feedback. Th issue - One of my client get all work completed by me stop replying when time comes to pay remaining 50% payment. I have notify Odesk regarding this. Odesk also not able to get respond from him on this. So after 5 month of waiting, I have taken my work back from site. Due to this he get angry and start scolding me and my country. about this also I have notify to Odesk. Suddenly Odesk suspended my profile/account with simple/short reason that I have violated their terms. I don't know what wrong in taking back unpaid work which is legally my property as I didn't get paid for it. Can any one help me on this?Also, I have heard online that Odesk have some discriminating attitude towards Asian contractors. If its there then someone should take serious action against this.

Sep 18, 2014

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