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Sure sounds like my complaint is very much like the rest of yours. Fought with this company since May 2010, when Cenlar sold us to them (after I put in for a re-modification), about paperwork they supposedly didn't receive on our mortgage re-modification. Of course the same papers were sent 7 times, but every time, a new paper would come up missing. Does anyone know how to piece the papers together...guess not?!?!? Anyway, I left 6 messages on the same idiots voicemail, and 3 emails were sent, but never once received a call back from the idiots. Only thing I ever got was those stupid letters telling me they were missing something different after I would fax all the paperwork. Then I receive a phone call the other day asking if I am in need of any assistance with my mortgage? ASSISTANCE???? So now you want to help me I said. When I sent the papers 7 times, left 6 messages and sent 3 emails, you didn't want to bother with me, but now you want to help me. CLICK, they hang up on me. Haven't heard from them since.

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      Dec 20, 2010

    Here is my story, I fell upon financial problems, and I applied for a modification in August was finally approved on October 19, 2010 and I never received the documents to review and sign. I contacted customer service many times and like everyone else was placed on hold, transferred and also hung up on when being transferred. I emailed customer service and they informed me that they had sent the documents on the 19th and that I was to receive, read, sign and send back the payment by October 26th; which is technically impossible. Since this time I have been trying to find out where they were sent, and to have them redo them and send again to my secure e-fax number. On December 5, I finally got through to someone who informed me that my home was going to be put up for sale on December 7 but he was going to put a rush on the modification docs. FYI I was never notified by mail about this either. I called back on Monday and also checked the website for the status of my loan and it stated that they had received my modification request and not to contact them for 30 days. On December 13th my tenant texted me that someone from the back had been there I was at work at the time. In a panic I called them to ask about the modification they informed me that the bank now owns my property and transferred me the REO dept. which instructed me to leave a message and someone will call me back, and also gave me a email address. I have been doing both since last Thursday to no responses. I have all my emails and faxes to back this up. I am lucky that I know an attorney and although I need most likely a litigation attorney to help me; he gave me an idea to go to the registry of deeds to see if in fact they foreclosed, well so far I don’t see that a transfer has happened; but I still am not getting anywhere

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