Octic Capital Managementavoid

Octic Capital Management states they have branches in three cities, but I can't see addresses. So it means that anyone can say: oh, you know, my company is big, we're based in five cities. Which cities? Oh you know, London, Paris, New York and blah-blah"...
If you hear something like this, would you believe these words? Why would someone believe Octic Capital Management? Where are the proofs?
I think it's the same as the given instance.
Saying you have offices around the world without providing their exact addresses is obviously not enough and really looks like a scam.
So what they have a phone number? Do you think it's a huge sign of a legit company? I guess you're wrong.
People, please, pay attention to details. Always. If there's something you don't like, it probably means you're right, there's really something wrong. Especially, when it comes to crypto funds.

Nov 28, 2018

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