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Ocean Village, Arverne Preservation Housing Company / bad living conditions, hangs of drug dealer on nycha property daily,

1 United States

I am currently living in Far Rockaway Project named Ocean Village new name Arverne View. There is a gang of thieves who watches when you leave for work or go on vacation then they break into you home steal your things Anything in the house you name it as well as your personal Information / documents like your name, DOB, SS# etc....,. Then there are a set of drug dealers who live on the premises who are in cohost with the management team office worker and supervisors and all the security peoples, they are all friends and do nothing to get rid of these thieves and drug dealers they allow the drug dealers to sell all type of drugs on NYCHA property. They all look out for each other. The decent residents have no choice but to take the abuse. We are afraid to speak out due to retribution. They mainly harass female only residents, senior citizens, household that has no male figure to protect them. Or resident who are not in their drug use hang out team. When you complain to the management office you get nowhere or any type of results because the management office worker are in on the robberies, harassment, and SEXual abuse, catcalling and lot worse thing etc. …………………….. I have not mention.

The police only drive by once in a while and the son of [censor] (dealers) know that and they laugh; as they make our life's a living hell. Under these harable living conditions. The Cops can't and do little to assist. I guess they only make it serious when someone gets shot, dies or gets hurt. The cops don't work with residents on crime prevention wow that's ashame!!! You're afraid to give them info regarding all the illegal activities that's going on the compound for they too cannot be trusted. I would like for NYCHA to have a private investigation. This Zoo Arverne View Project needs cleaning out of this low life pigs, so that decent resident can go on with their productive lives.

NYCHA should not allow repeat offender, ex-con, petifilies, and paroles to live in the Buildings. Most people are not and will never be reformed. To have this sick minded [censor] to live among us should be a crime.

Thanks for handling this problem ASAP.

Feb 9, 2018

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