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This is about the third time in my working life I've needed help from an organization that handles hazardous working conditions that are dangerous to people with medical conditions. The companies refuse to do anything about these problems, and they continue to make those with medical conditions sick, as well as being tormented on a daily basis.

I currently work in an office that is full of hardcore sociopaths. They come to work soaked in noxious stenches, perfumes, lotions, and sprays. They make other employees sick, and some like me, have severe allergic reactions to these products. Yet the company REFUSES to do anything to these unprofessional and highly offensive sociopaths who continue to come to work reeking of heinously aggressive, pungent, and toxic fumes that stink up the office, destroy the oxygen in the air, and make life a living nightmare for those that are physically affected by these disgusting sociopaths.

I've contacted the local law, the state, the EEOC, the unemployment agency, and other such entities only to be told "Thats a job for OSHA to handle".

But yet, when I've contacted OSHA about this, the ONLY response I get from them is "this is not our concern, we have nothing to do with this"!!

For an organization that advertises employee empathy and employee safety concerns, they sure as hell DON'T PRACTICE WHAT THEY PREACH!!

I can only conclude this is just another government organization that does nothing than siphons billions of tax dollars from the citizens, only to pay people to pretend to work, at an office that literally does nothing for no one it claims to help.

Yet ANOTHER multi-billion dollar government SCAM.

Oct 25, 2018

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