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I applied ocbc plus card and 365 card at a booth in Clementi Mall. Both these cards are great as I used them mostly among all the rest of the cards I have from other banks. It helped me to save as I spent on my baby's grocery. However, I'm bewildered to received a late payment charges incurred in February plus card statement which I had made payment for both cards on 24 January 2017. I had oversees the plus card due date( 23 January 2017) and I thought that the due date would be the same as 365 card ( 24 January 2017) which I applied both card on the same date itself. Certainly, I have no idea why cards applied on the same date would be different in due date which causing confusion. I'm ignorance about the difference in due date hence I put up a requests on waiver twice. But sadly, it didn't pull thru and leaving me in question mark. I changed the due date to 24th instead of 23th to make it same due date for both cards so that situation won't happens again. I even settled all balance earlier on 17th February 2017 to avoid hiccups.

On 3rd March 2017, I logged in to check my statements and I'm surprised to receive late payment charges again on 1st March 2017 for balances that I settled off earlier on February. Leaving me puzzled as I got to put up waiver request once again. I wasn't told that the payment cycle changed when I called in to make changes on the due date with a customer service executive. And I still don't understand why there's a late payment incurred for an early settlement.

Innocently, I didn't have the intention to pay after the due date at the first place. To avoid late payment, I changed the due date but yet still receiving late payment charges. To my disappointment, I really got no choice but to terminate my cards with ocbc sooner even tho I really love your company cards a lot. I sincerely hope that you can look into my case as I would love to secure and enjoy spending with these both cards.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your reply. Have a great day ahead!

Justina goy

Mar 08, 2017

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