OC Imperial / $13,000 RIPOFF!!

1 United States

OC Imperial ripped me off and manufactured the paperwork to scam me!!! I saw an ad for this awesome 2004 (black on black) convertible Nissan Roadster. After checking many lots, I really liked the pristine condition of the car OC Imperial was selling. So I went there and took it for a test drive. It drove well. Me, not knowing cars, thought it drove well. However, I noticed the check engine light on. I asked the person, they assigned to drive with me, what does that light mean? He said, "Oh it only needs water or oil". So, as soon as I went back to the lot, I checked the oil and it was full. I could not check the water because it was hot --so I told them to fill it with antifreeze before I purchase the vehicle. The next 4 days, I (we) arranged financing --and we got it. My wife and I financed 13, 000 for the vehicle. That was June 20, 2011. On the forth of July, (15 days later) it began smoking. I went to a diagnostic center on the sixth. and they saw the light and told me not to bother. He said, "If that light is on it will not pass smog". "YOUR ENGINE IS SICK!!!" Then he said go back to the dealer RIGHT NOW and ask him to fix the problem. So I went back to OC Motors and Amin (the owner) had an independent mechanic diagnose the vehicle and he informed Amin (the owner) that it needed a catalytic converter and the engine needs to be rebuilt. At that point Amin (the owner) said sue me. I was still ok because OC Imperial said the vehicle passed smog. OC IMPERIAL ACTUALLY FAKED THE SMOG TEST!!! Under the circumstances. I know they rigged the vehicle. THERE IS NO WAY THAT CAR COULD HAVE PASSED SMOG LEAVING THAT LOT!!! On the 7th I went back and told Amin the vehicle has been burning oil ever since. Amin said, "Sue me". These people know how to rig vehicles and cover their ### so they will have no liability. They are sharks. But what they don't know is I will spend the rest of my life in front of their business with this $13, 000 LEMON warning the world of unscrupulous practices. I will tell every customer that comes to their lot! I will broadcast it on every website they advertise. I will contact every loan company they finance with. I will work with the DMV investigators. I will work with the California BAR and CONSUMER AFFAIRS. I will check every record, every complaint and take them to court. I WILL SLEEP WITH THAT SICK CAR IN FRONT OF THEIR LOT UNTIL THEY DO THE RIGHT THING!!! I will leave no stone unturned!!! TRUST ME!!! TRY ME!!! LET'S SEE!!!


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