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Obama lack of information / the news media out right lack of telling the truth

1 Southington, CT, United States Review updated:

This complaint is to the news media (televised and in print); you report on Senator Obama but do not tell the truth by omission of the facts. How come the mass media does not question and dig into his dealing with the 1960's radial William Ayers. You cannot tell me he sat on a board with him and a handful of others and never associated with him! I work in a company with 50+ people and associate with all of them in some form or another. How come no one brings up his background with the ever so kind Reverend Wright? Now if the candidate were a young white man and he knew a reverend that said such things about people of African decent similar to those of Mr. Wright, all hell would break loose. Senator Obama claims to be a change in the making; his vice presidential pick has been in Washington D.C. since 1973. That is just the time that the Arab Oil Embargo took place. How come Joe Biden and his cronies did not take care of the issue at that time? They are all full of ### and only care about having their jobs in D.C. Money and power are far more power full addictive agents than drugs, alcohol, sex or food. May they all have to pay for their sins at judgment day? Remember that the prophecies say a "young man will come to power" then the end of days will come. It will be here soon.
God bless us all.

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  • Ra
      31st of May, 2008
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    Trinity United Church - Sermons
    1315 Florence Ct
    Holly Hill
    United States
    Phone: 3862122456

    The sermons by Reverend Wright and Catholic priest Father Pfedger (spelling) is of very poor quality. I am Catholic and if my local priest did what the above priest did in mocking Hillary, being sexist and racist I would want him discliplined or fired otherwise I would leave the church. I'm snail mailing the Pope about what has occurred. Reason: Back in the early 1990's I received a message from above: "Fred, you call anyone an idiot including yourself you are calling God one". This is supported by Matthew 6. After who created all of us they way we are? Who caused your parents to meet? It's actions that are idiotic, foolish, not people"

  • Kr
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    i think you're crazy. the media did tons of reports on obama and ayers. heck, just look at fox "news", the conservative's security blanket in the media. barack obama is not the antichrist. people keep saying that because they are uninformed, and frankly, they are scared that a man who is half african american has been elected to office. what a shame that america has so many uninformed people spreading hysterical views like this one. and this is coming from a white, christian male.

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