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OAN / Fraud and scam

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-944-9440

I received a bill from some company called OAN on my Verizon phone bill. The charge, with taxes came to $46.98. I finally located the 'reason' on my phone bill. It says I called a 900 # for 'Lavalife. I called the 800 OAN # and told the guy to remove the charge from my phone bill immediately. HE went on to read to me the greetings you would get if you called Lavalife. I told him to remove the charge immediately. He went on to read yet another greeting that one would hear if one called Lavalife. He stated that you are given a chance to hang up before the beep and you will not be charged $40. Once more I demanded that he remove the charge immediately.

He finally heard me and agreed to remove it AND THE $40 CHARGE ON NEXT MONTH'S BILL!!! What in the h*ll?? What I figure is that they are collecting thousands of dollars from people who automatically have their bills paid by their bank accts and don't look at their bills. I've read about people being charged an extra $7 or whatever but this is beyond that and these people need to be locked up.

I then called Verizon demanding an answer as to how they allowed this to happen The operator said that the gov't forced them to allow other companies to add on whatever bills they wanted to the phone bills. I had her block all add ons to my bill and all 900 numbers for whatever reason. The operator said that other people call and complain but this was the first time she'd seen this. I alerted her to the class action suite that other people can join on the internet.Beware of this ###!


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