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A debit has shown on my credit card statement. It has the transaction date of 30.10.2012, with processing date of 01.11.2012. I have noticed this on my statement today, November 2nd. The transaction details give a phone number that connects me with the US office, however, GBR is noted after the phone number. I have no idea how this has come about, except that I was browsing the internet on Tuesday looking for an address in England. I remember the name of Stetson showing on the google map. I certainly did not order any services, nor did I give out my credit card details. I am not happy that this transaction has occurred and I would like it reversed.

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  • Si
      Nov 03, 2012

    exactly the same thing has happend to me!..and the dates within a day of each other. Did you manage to speak to anyone when you rang? if so what did they say?

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  • Ha
      Nov 07, 2012

    Yeah me too just found the exact same transaction on my account .How is this posible ?

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  • Al
      Nov 15, 2012

    I also got billed 39.95 $ to my old credit card that I haven't used for over 1 1/2 years, so I got suspicious. The transaction shows the data OAKRHELP COM and a phone number [protected] xx leaving the last 2 digits out, it is the number to a "24/7 Support" (otherwise unnamed). The agent I complained to asked me to give the last 6 digits of my credit card, and date of transaction, and then told me it was some "make money from home" agency, that I must have applied with... He said they would cancel within 7 to 10 business days, but as it is a credit card from another country, I still end up having been charged the foreign transaction fees plus currency exchange fees... on the side of the credit card provider. I only hope that I really get a refund, will double check with my provider and cancel that credit card for the future...

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  • Sh
      Nov 16, 2012

    Yes im from New Zealand n i dnt recall ever signing up or buying something frm this company i dnt even have them on my website i took complaint to my bank n they cancelled my credit card so thier, s no chance of that happening again, but i wd like my $50 back if possible

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  • An
      Nov 25, 2012

    Be very careful of any calls received from this number. They have a website, look legitimate, but are definitely not! They're using the name OakRhelp and they are, according to my bank, involved with what is called Data Compromise and are currently being investigated by the FBI. They compromised the data on at least one website, and stole all debit card numbers. They are running initially, a very small amount of money through each stolen debit card, to verify that the debit card number is good and will accept charges. Once that is done, they run the card through, for larger amounts. My debit card was one of those stolen, and my bank contacted me this morning. My stolen debit card number has now been canceled, so that these thieves can no longer make any charges on my stolen number. I'm fortunate that the amount they took from me, was only $2.50. Please check your bank statements for any charges from this "outfit", and if there are charges there, then your debit card is one that has been stolen and you need to contact your bank immediately. If you should receive a call from their phone number: [protected], do not answer, They most likely are trying to verify your phone number attached to your debit card. Give them NO info!!

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  • To
      Jan 28, 2013

    The registrant is Richard L Younker, of Florida and Chicago. He also registered the company "Oakmont Ridge Inc" in Florida. Let's hope he isn't in business much longer.

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