o2 mobile phones / bull s..t prizes

1 England, Cotswolds, GB

I want to say a big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to o2 mobile phones for letting me win a fabulous Gold Prize. I was so excited I didnt know which to choose out of the '2 for 1 mealdeal', the '2 for one something else deal' or the other '2 for one other deal'. In the end I chose the free off peak texts for a WHOLE WEEK. WOW! You can forget the £5000 gold Bullion bars, the Wii, the TV, Holiday for 2 in New York and all the other crap prizes you said I could win if only I agree to your terms and conditions! I never believed I could be so LUCKY as to land the 2 for 1 deals or free OFF PEAK texts for a whole week. Seriously though. What a Croc. Mike RP

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