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I have been getting harassed non stop by various people since I moved onto East 68th St in New York City. People I know paid members of the NYPD to ruin my life and they did a good job of it so far. The NYPD 19th Precinct is no different. There is no way in hell this can be going on without Deputy Inspector James Grant knowing about it. I have called the police and gone into the precinct with video, audio and photo evidence. They won't give me a report. The only time they offered to create a police report was after two years. Someone called me and said they were a detective from the 19th Precinct and they knew I had been talking with Internal Affairs. It's true. They put me through hell for no reason besides they were paid. Why wouldn't I tell? Why would I protect someone who has been paid to ruin my life? I'll tell on the police and the civilians that I know who paid them. I'm 39 years old and thank the lord I have no criminal record. I can only imagine if I did these people would be planting crack in my apartment right now. They have come into my apartment 50 times when I'm not home. Break into my mail box, throw dirt all over my floor the list goes on. It's like the Holocaust 2016 and no one is helping. If anyone thinks I'm exagerating give me a call and I'll explain more. I was injected in the face and hand two separate times. The person on the phone said to meet them at the precinct. I went by and they said no one called me. This time they now offered to create a report. This is after two years of denying reports. I suspect because they wanted to get access to my phone records or cover up already having access to my phone records. I have had dozens of clients sabotaged both in New York and other states. I suspect they used my phone records months ago to sabotage my business. Just a few weeks ago someone got into my apartment when I was sleeping and injected me in the left hand. They will not let me report it, picture attached. I went to the hospital. NYPH. I understand that everyone at the NYPD 19th Precinct has to go along with the professional hit on me. Respect my position that I'm trying to report it. I want to live. I don't care who has to go to jail on your side because I didn't do anything to deserve this. People paid the NYPD to ruin my life because they thought I was an easy target. The reason is I have no family and the ones I do have are worse then having none. I can get into more motive etc if anyone wants to investigate this. Thank you for reading. Happy new year.

NYPD 19th Precinct
NYPD 19th Precinct

Jan 02, 2016

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