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This place is a terrible mess. This nasty company run by dominicans gives nothing but empty promises and a load of BULL to people who need help finding a room. They are trying to steal the peeps hard earned money and give nothing in return and the only thing you get out of it is a lesson on how to ROB housing seekers! Stay away from these fraudsters at all costs.

The scammers name is and they gots an office in midtown at 1501 Broadway on the 12th floor and there phone is [protected] its a FRAUD deluxe all they do is get a $175 advance fee for doing a bottom line nothing and right after they ROB you they just send you to another scammer uptown by the name of American Plaza, Broadway & 160th so that fraudster can get a piece of you too!

if you get bent by these hustlers and want your money back just go to their office and call 911 and the cops will do it for you or they will start locking up the perps and its gonna be jail time.

their other scam websites

Mar 28, 2017

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