NYCHA / security company at the fordham road office

Bronx, NY, United States
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I went to this office on 7-1-16 at 1:30pm, the main floor guards that there only job is to check ID were very nasty. The heavy set black women that's always ride n miserable went to take the ID of someone behind me, I said excuse me I'm next, she then rolled her eyes n screamed I can not attend u if you are on your phone, I said excuse me I'm not on my phone I have my headset on, she said oh well how am I suppose to know that . I then got rude back saying you people are the nastiest workers here . The tall skinny light skin guard then says to me you are so ghetto miss . I said excuse me I'm ghetto but u people sit there having personal conversations that are not work related n then got the nerve to think u can come n speak to people in any way and that's ok but when someone returns your nasty attitude you are upset . The fat lady then goes n says that I can not be seen today . I asked to speak to a supervisor n the tall skinny light skin one said he was the supervisor ... I then go upstairs asking the nycha staff for a nycha supervisor n she yells don't help her she can't speak to no one .. Long story short no one got me a supervisor, I ended up waiting n called 311 and housing to do a agency complain ... The security guards are not nycha staff so they can not tell someone they can not be seen . Then as big as that building is u going to say there is no nycha supervisor on duty ? The old man (Martinez) that sits at the desk on the 2nd floor giving the numbers said he couldn't give me a number to be seen because that was his order from the guard ... This entire thing was so inappropriate... That security guard always has issues with people when I go there, I just hope all those people do complains and they get her out of there . She is very unprofessional !! Then she even had the nerve to refuse to give me her name and to say to the other guard OH WELL SHE BETTER COME BACK TUESDAY CAUSE WE CLOSED MONDAY AND SHE NOT BEING SEEN TODAY ... I posted a video with a pic of her on instagram and I tagged nycha in it so they can see her ... It's now Saturday evening and the issue is still aggravating me


Jul 02, 2016

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