NYCHA / noise complaint

520 east 21st, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Hi, I am a tenant at 520 east 21st street apt 4r. I travel with migraines and high blood pressure and the people upstairs in apt 5r are constantly making a considerable amount of noise. The noise is becoming unbearable, they moved in about 2-3 months ago and the noise gets worse, we spoke to them nothing improved, the superintendent spoke to them and there hasn't been any justice. Someone got them in the building because their name is not on the lease and it started out as just a woman and man living up there with 2 kids, now they brought more people into that house there are now aunts, sisters, and grandparents along with 5 kids up there. Everybody my daughter and myself are woken up 7-8 in the morning from the stomping and running, the kids don't go to school and I work in the evenings so I need my rest in the morning and never get it. This needs to stop, the apartment above them 6r is empty, maybe if its possible they can be asked to put carpet down or move to another apartment because to my knowledge a letter was already sent to them about the noise and nothing happened.

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