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I am a tourist (rather a dumb one) in the city for a week. My colleague and I took a cab from outside the JFK terminal under the assumption that all the vendors are approved and reliable. We came across a guy with a receipt book in his hand. He asked us where we wanted to go and mentioned that we share the exact address. He keyed in that address in his mobile device for GPRS assistance. He didn't explain what it would charge for us to reach Secaucus from JFK. He asked us to pay $8 tax and then charged us a humongous $345. We panicked as we had only $500 each. We were wondering who would pay in the meantime my colleague gave him $355 and in a fraction of second back the driver showed that we only gave him $55. We kept rustling to find the missing $300, I was out of my mind to suggest that I pay $345 for now, let the driver go and we can relax and find our missing $300. Where are we now? Short of $645 where we now realize it shouldn't have costed more than $120.

My questions: 1. How are unauthorized cab drivers in the airport without scrutiny. 2. He issued us a receipt from NYC-Taxi Limo Transport but he doesn't work there. How does he have the receipt? 3. He gave his name as Jimy and an office extension, which of course, is a false one.

I know we could have been more vigilant but this is ridiculous to enter the greatest city in the world and be mugged right at the start of the trip. I am terrified and wont be able to enjoy the rest of my stay.

NYC Taxi-Limo Transport

Jun 1, 2015

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  • Da
      28th of Jul, 2017

    We were a group of four people who landed at the JFK airport on 16/07/17 after 20-hour flights. We had to grab a taxi to go to Tarrytown. Once outside the airport, a man dressed in suit (seemed that he was a person working at the airport) directed us to a man who took us in his car. It is to be noted that there was no taxi sign or company name written on the car.
    The man told us he will accompany us till Tarrytown. Both the driver and the man were indian looking.
    Before leaving the airport, we asked the driver how much it will cost but he did not respond, telling us that it will be a metered fare.

    In the car, we could not see any meter. After 1:30 hours, we arrived at our destination and the driver asked us a crazy USD 500, then which increased to USD 686 due to toll etc. When we asked to show us the meter, he showed us his mobile phone briefly in which it was written USD 686.
    He tried to confuse us a few times when we asked why it was soo expensive. We gave him USD 600 first and then asked us to give it back to us as we wanted to count it again to make sure how much more we need to give him, he was not willing too and just kept holding the money in his hand, miraculously making as if he no longer understands english.
    We got a hand written receipt from him which had the name of ''NYC Taxi-Limo transport''.
    The driver took my email address and told me that he will email me another receipt. But guess what, the email never came!!

    In addition, he did not even drop us in front of our hotel lobby. Instead he parked the car in the farthest parking in the hotel and as soon as we were out of the car with our luggage, in no time, he drove off!

    The return trip from Tarrytown to JFK airport costs us only USD 80 with a taxi booked by the hotel.

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