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N.Y State Adress / You cannot have a legal address in N.Y!

1 9 Juniper Ave. Pleasant ValleyDutchess County, NY, United States

I would like everyone to know in New York State, USA, you cannot have a legal mailing address. I have been trying for 9 years to obtain one. I have proof it is ours from our County, Fire Dept. Town Hall and Postal Service but anyone who wants is allowed to also use it. No matter how many agencies I contact and that includes The United States Postal Service investigators, The FBI, Homeland Security, N.Y State OPAL Small Business( where I had my small business listed) (gone now because I cannot have a legal mailing address) No one will speak to me or help.I was told by the investigators after filing 3 registered complaints, and I quote" Don't worry about it."That's it, that is the only help I have gotten. Homeland security did send a nice letter when I asked them for help with harassment by the police and men in state parks, (probably connected to this address business) they said they would check into it. That was in 2006 I never heard from them again. So I tried the FBI they didn't even bother to send a letter. Nothing. Same with OPAL. I went to our town hall they said it was our address but in the state computers it isn't. In our county we live at 9 Juniper Ave. Pleasant Valley in the state comp. we live at 8 Juniper .Even better when I tried to place an international classified ad I was asked to please confirm our address in Pawling N.Y under an e-mail address I have never had, that is what shows up as our address. So that must mean our telephone lines list us as that address. I should add here that in1999 we were sent a letter from Dutchess County, N.Y telling us we had to change our address to #9 Juniper because they set up 911 emergency calling. They changed everyone's address in the county.Of course we followed the LAW and changed ours. Then I found out no one else had to follow the LAW in N.Y.Since 2001 anyone who wants was allowed by Dutchess County to use our address. I still have the paper. Pleasant Valley confirms our address as does the Sheriff's dept. the Fire Dept and Pleasant Valley Post Office.Also the people using it illegally use it interstate, I have received mail from New Jersey, Florida and Texas. As of 2007 people trying to get state records are still told our address is #8, I have a paper dated Nov.2007 and New Jersey( as of Oct. 2007) is still telling me people can drive in their state with our address illegally and evidently even though we pay extra for an unlisted phone # for privacy, some one in Pawling can use our phone lines. The only recourse I have now is to state this everywhere on the internet so people know Louis Reyes, Jr./ Patricia Minasi, /Christine Minasi and Mary Martin and whoever else is using 9 Juniper are doing so illegally. This address 9 Juniper Avenue, Pleasant Valley, N.Y belongs to the Jelis family, since we were forced to change our address in 1999 by Dutchess County.

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