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AARP "seduced" me via their advertising into purchasing a NY Life Annuity several years ago. The "seduction" was due to the endorsement of AARP for the NY Life Annuity product. Now I find I cannot find a NY Life Office location that services annuity holders. I was transferred to an Office that was ostensibly located in Cincinnati... I discussed my need for service with an attendant that laughed at my frustrations but assured me my request would be "take care of" but it wasn't... it's been 3 months now and no action of their part.. no direct office number to call... NY Life has over $100, 000 of my money locked up in an annuity contract and I cannot get access to as defined in the contract. This complaint is submitted here as a cautionary tale of woe... AARP is in collusion as they endorse and advertise NY Life Annuity Program extensively. Thus both entities should be sued for a breach of a fiduciary relationship between an unsuspecting customer and NY LIfe. AARP should be avoided as all they are is a clever marketing agent for many companies "fleecing" seniors. AARP gets financial rewards for "fronting" unscrupulous companies... all the while affirming how much they care about seniors' financial security. They like most of their affiliated companies ignore what our "free market" is based upon: "Consumer sovereignty" IE: I decide if I am getting "screwed" not them.

Oct 26, 2017

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