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NWV Direct / Bait and Switch

1 1893 W. 8th StreetNew York, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-910-3888

Same story as the rest. They advertised an Olympus Fl-36R flash and I ordered it. Yes, they called me also within an hour, at work. Insisted I try this other flash for the Olympus was back ordered. I agreed. I then did some research and found the flash they substituted to be sub standard and called them right back. Of course the flash was already shipped. I then tried to email for a return authorization number, but no one responded at all. Tried four times. Then I began to call. Each time I called they said I needed to speak with someone else, who was not there. Then I also got "Charlie". He said someone would email me a return number, but no one did. I called again, now the fifth time and now they said there are not returns on flashes though the site boasts of a 21 satisfaction guarantee. Hope you see this before you buy. Do a little research and save yourself some grief. They will bait you with an add, but you will be getting a call. They only honor small items like batterys. Oh, if you check their web site, they now have the Olympus flash for $7.00 cheeper than when I ordered it---though it's back ordered. go figure.


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  • Ch
      29th of Jul, 2009
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    I am so gullible...I purchased a Sony flash, and after being notified by NWV Direct that it was unavailable, they offered me a Vivitar flash that the salesman said was "better" than the Sony, and he said he was giving me a "great" deal. I paid twice as much as all other online sites were selling it for, and it doesn't work like I was led to believe. Certainly, I will do my homework better and never do business with NWV Direct again.

  • Mo
      24th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I ordered the FL-36R and a battery pack on July 1 and was told there was some issue with those that they were on backorder and it would probably be about 6 weeks. They tried to sell me a different one but I refused b/c I'm the type that I have to have the same brand as my camera. The six weeks came and went and I had e-mailed them telling them that I was going to cancel my order if it wasn't going to be shipped in the next couple days and they responded by saying that it was on backorder by the manufacturer! Needless to say I e-mailed Olympus letting them kow what I was told and if there was any truth to it. Just e-mailed today so haven't gotten a response yet.

  • Ja
      2nd of Jun, 2011
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    I too got taken by their famous bait and switch scam. They list items on their website which they don't actually carry and when you place an online order they will call and tell you it is out of stock and offer you a "superior" similar product at a "great" price to make up for it. What you will receive is a cheap knockoff that is not worth a tenth of what you paid. Then lens I received had several surface scratches and chips around the edges of the glass. Their customer service, which was soooo friendly while selling me this piece of junk, basically called me a liar and refused any further contact. They will not issue refunds under any circumstances, so learn from my expensive mistake. I just wish I had looked them up first - their reputation is posted all over the web.

  • Vi
      23rd of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    I was able to thwart this bait and switch tactic by canceling my credit card in time. My story in detail is on youtube with a recording of "Charlie" who was selling under their other company name "". He called me names, threatened to do damage to my company website and would "spend hours" trying to get even with me, all for canceling the order within 11 minutes of placing it, and him telling me the item I ordered was discontinued and there was another "better one" for the same price. A few minutes late I looked up that part on Amazon, on their OWN STORE and it was significantly cheaper in price and quality than the Canon item I ordered. Charlie was extremely mad that I was able to back out of the sale; unreal how vile and dishonest these people are. I hope someone arrests all involved. They need to be put out of business.

  • Vi
      23rd of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    The are also on as New World Video Direct, and have another domain AKA "". See my youtube with a recording from the very same "Charlie" who cussed me out for backing out of his bait and switch deal.
    I ordered for $137 Canon microphone DM-100 and they switched to a cheap one with the lie "discontinued by the manufacturer"; the message played is from the salesman that refused to cancel my order after baiting/switching the item for a cheap $79 item for the same price.
    This company took my order for a Canon microphone, and I see no order confirmation by email. I call the next day to find out when it will ship, and Charlie claimed the item is discontinued from the manufacturer. He offers to sell me a "better" mic for the same price and showed me the other item priced more on one of their other websites (this one is New world direct ). I was in a hurry and said ok, but had a funny feeling about it. I looked the item up on amazon and it was selling for $79...even on their own amazon store under the name of "New World Direct".

    I got an email confirmation a few minutes later and read that the order is final unless I responded by email within 30 minutes. I replied in 8 minutes to cancel. Didn't get a response so called a few minutes later and a girl said that Charlie was "taking care of it". I called back a few minutes later again and talked to him. He refused to cancel the order claiming he had already shipped it. Bait and switch is illegal and I made sure I told him I knew this and told him since he would not cancel the order I would cancel my credit card and report him to consumer protection agencies.
    He further wrote emails threatening me with legal action to which I replied that my attorney friend would be happy to dig into this.
    After that email exchange he left me this nasty voicemail. I just have to's a sign of what kind of thieves "" truly are...vile.
    Other company names:, on as "new world video direct"
    - funny, Charlie strikes again with bait and switch complaint.

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