NU:Youth / unauthorized credit card charges, unethical sale tactics

1 United States

I also have been charged 89.95 plus $87.35 one for moisturizer and the other for serum. Both were charged under the name of freshle*truelav which has nothing to do with nu:youth. When I ordered the samples for postage and handling charge only; there was not one mention of an additional charge after 14 days. I spent over an hour to locate the name freshle*truelav on the web. No such thing exists. I then got the bottles out and tried to read the directions and where nu:youth comes from. I actually had to get the magnifying glass out to read the telephone number on the outside of the bottles. When I did reach someone they said my name was not in the computer. After being transferred to another person, she did find my name and said that there are no returns even after I told her I did not authorize that payment. She said I had used it for 14 days and was obligated to buy it. It is a very shady company, sneaky and not upfront with sales pitch. I will contest these charges with my credit card company. Hopefully if enough people do this, it might make this company honest. Chyrl s

Oct 18, 2018

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