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NuVoice / Predatory charges by CFO, deceptive agreement & practices

1 8001 LBJ Freeway, STE 300, Dallas, Texas 75251.Dallas, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 972-437-6450 /1 877 202 6023

I did a Trial of (Nucentcom inc.,), it is not good and a rip off. The quality of voice is not that good and they have lot of hidden charges. The sales guys solicited me and literally begged to try but won't provide the service to set you up correctly. They promise one thing, but don’t deliver. The sales guy even said their adapter hooks up to the router with existing adapter that we don't have to change anything and make and receive calls with the existing home telephone number. That doesn’t work and the Customer service researched with technical for 15 days of my trial period to tell me it can't be done.

The cost savings to call India will be eaten by hidden charges. I am trying to cancel their service, as they didn't provide a telephone number to receive calls . Only outgoing calls was tried and the quality if sound is not good . This way they make sure the features are not tested during trial period. The customer service is not trained and do not know what to provide for setup. And they have $150.00 for porting old telephone number, otherwise waiting period 7 weeks. They make you read the agreement from their website in 5 minutes and make you agree to voice record to sign up for trail. Now I find the agreement I read is different from what I read and consented. Lot of hidden charges. Beware! More than that the CFO is a rude and harassing guy who doesn't understand to solve the customer issues and retain them, he divorces the sales and Customer Service from his company as if the NuVoice is not responsible for what hey say and provide. He has to learn 101 on CRM! But writes as if he is my master and says if I cancel will charge $175.00 plus dues, and equipment costs, freight etc..if I stay will charge $15.00 per incident of customer service calling by email or phone and I have to come to customer good standing, it seems when I complained that I have not signed up! And it seems he will report to the Credit Reporting Agencies and can file a suit, when I complained of removing the first monthly charges. Can you believe that? All this even before they have not provided the temporary telephone number after repeated emails to Customer service and the quality of voice is below standard and charging monthly $34.19. This guy I can’t imagine to be a CFO, I think are fly by night operators! I have had Vonage for 4 years and absolutely happy, probably spoken to the Customer Service 2 times in last 4 years. Don't even try

They say within USA and Canada is unlimited, but international rates in their website had 0.02 cent within USA and > 0.0.2 cent to Canada. Their agreement reads they can charge whatever published in the international rates guide. They can also change the rates and charges without notice it reads... When queried, absolutely there is no response on this... So beware!

I have attached the CFO email to me for readers to gauge the Company management attitude and governance...

-----------------Email Proof -----------------------
On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 8:59 PM, Nucentcom wrote:
I'm sorry, but our terms of sale are clear. These have been disclosed to you on numerous occasions. The people who sell for us are independent call centers and they may say a lot of things but we are not bound by any of that, particularly when we have made our terms clear to you, over-and-over again, and we have a recording of those disclosures with you.

You have re-charged your international prepaid usage and there is a reason why people do that: our rates are the lowest in the world. I can't speak for quality issues you may have with your local ISP, but I do know that we are an integrated telecom carrier and have far more advanced and extensive worldwide network penetration than anyone in the VoIP business. Our termination goes beyond what is done by AT&T, Sprint, MCI and IDT, and these are the only carriers that approach our technical competence. So if you are having a quality problem it is not due to us. Our network engineers have confirmed the same.
At this point I believe the best outcome is that we terminate our relationship. Please confirm your acceptance of this termination, and "reply all" on your response. The termination charges are $175, plus any unpaid amounts owed. In addition to that you owe us for the cost of the adapter we sent you, plus freight. This total will be charged against your credit card. We will credit the cost of the adapter back to you once it is returned, in its original box, and inspected and found in serviceable condition.

Our shipping address for the returned equipment is 8001 LBJ Freeway, STE 300, Dallas, Texas 75251.
If you choose to continue with the service, please notify me of that immediately and "reply all" so that our accounting department can charge you for the full amounts owed and you can return to good standing for our service. Frankly if you do that, I will ask that you be listed as a "credit and harassment watch" customer and that may result in your being charged for customer service and technical support contacts in the future. In that case the cost per contact (telephone call, email, etc.) will be $15 per incident.
If you choose not to respond, by Friday, 6/27/08, then I will direct our network operations department to shut you off immediately and we will charge your credit card for the amounts owed, as disclosed above. Should you decide to argue the charge you will be immediately reported to the Credit Reporting agencies. We will then reserve the right to file suit upon you for any uncollected amounts, including legal fees, interest and any and other costs of collection.

This is a demand for payment. Govern yourself accordingly.

Nucentcom, Inc.
-----------------Email Proof -----------------------

Any suggestions how these operators can be complained and brought to FCC, BBB and telephone consumer agencies and NJ consumer courts attention and monitoring?

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  • Gi
      23rd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am using Nuvoice adapter from past 8 months. I am from texas. I never had any such probz. No hidden charges. I felt it far better that other service providers!!!

  • Ar
      20th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    I use it regularly to call india. For the past one year i have not had any problems. GOod service !!

  • Yo
      15th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree that the quality is not good. I signed up for world plan prepaid and when compared with other calling cards like reliance or airtel they are much better. And the call does not connect all the time but gives ringing tone to mis lead you. If you calling using other calling it connects. The customer service is no longer 24 hrs and it doesn't work since few days. When you call customer service it gives message that 'all circuits buy'. Not happy with this service. I sent an email to cancel my service and no reply received even after waiting for few weeks. I would not suggest to anyone to go with this service.

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