Nuvell FinancialHarrassment and Fraud

For the last four years I have been dealing with Nuvell. I am in the army and in April 06 I was stationed outside of the US for one year. Upon returning to the States I needed to hold off on a payment to Nuvell for one month so I could get situated at my new duty assignment. I called Nuvell and they let me delay the payment. In June of that year I made two payments to Nuvell to make up for the one that I missed. Then again in September of 2007 I made two payments, so I thought I am well ahead in the game. To this day I continuously get harrassing phone calls saying I am late on payments. This last September I fell for them saying I was late and got an extension plus added a payment to the end of my total bill. Now supposedly I'm still late.
This company has got to be the worst company I have ever dealt with. I, as a lot of you out there, get numerous phone calls a day asking for a payment due to supposedly being "Late". I have automatic payments coming out of my bank account to Nuvell, so how do I become late? It is always a "Joy" to call Nuvell and talk to them due to the fact that they are the rudest, most unprofessional people out there. Last week I actually talked to one of the ladies in the debt department and to my surprise she was actually nice. She went through my whole payment history with me and came to the conclusion that in fact I wasn't late on any payments since 2006. She advised me to call the finance department and have let them know the same, but the lady there was not going to listen to that. She was quick to hang up on me (that happens a lot with them), so I called back and was told that I was late and got a lecture on paying my bills on time.
Now, I am here with the rest of you that are really tired of getting screwed over by Nuvell. Like most my credit history isn't great and am stuck with what I've got in Nuvell. If there is anyone out there that is thinking of going with this company please re-think your decision. These people are rude, unprofessional, harassing and unpleasant to deal with.

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