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Nuvell Credit Corp / Unprofessional service

1 United States

The problems with Nuvell Credit Corp in Little Rock, AR begin in March 2006, and have continued since. I have talked with them by phone and by letter to no avail, and feel that any communication with them is a waste of time and effort.

In March of this year, I was seventeen days late with my payment, and received three phone calls the first day. I informed their representative that payment had been made online through my bank, but due to me not receiving my Social Security Disability Check until the 15th of said month, was the reason for the last payment.

I was advised by said representative to write a letter requesting a change to my due date. This was disapproved, and they basically called me a liar about when I received my check.

Now the follow day I was again called by representatives from Nuvell, requesting payment be made, I was asked to post date a check to them, and give them my checking account information over the phone so they could obtain payment. I informed said representative that arrangements had been made the day before, but this did not stop the 13 calls that day threaten to pickup the vehicle. The following day I received five more calls never from the same person. This continued until my bank posted the payment two days latter.

In the month of April I started receiving harassing calls once again from representatives from Nuvell, and my wife talked with one representative, and they got her to give them our checking account information over the phone, and post dated a check as requested.

On average, I would receive five or more calls a day, and informed them by phone and in writing that I would no long accept calls, that all communication should and would be handled by written communication. That due to both my wife and I being disabled, and taking medication for anxiety, and me for my heart, that we could not take the harassing calls and threats from their representatives daily.

This has not stopped to this day, so I have written and faxed Carolyn Ward in regards to this matter, but all I get is calls, which I will not answer. As of today’s date, I have written letters to the Executive Vice President at Nuvell, to the President of GMAC and the Chairman of GMAC which own Nuvell, and await a reply.

It is my feeling that they have violated the FCC rule, and my rights under the fair credit act, along with the US code for collection.

I will not allow my family nor myself to be harassed on a daily bases from anyone, they are very unprofessional and demeaning when talking with them over the phone, and will not respond to written communication.


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