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1 DIFC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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When my son was 4 months old I went to visit Hummingbird DIFC to check out the facilities. I informed the receptionist that I required a space for my son by February as I was starting work and I was flexible with the days as long as he found a place because I worked in DIFC and I was breastfeeding. They didn't have a space at the time and said they could put me on the waiting list. A space would probably be available soon. I agreed and they said just to be on the waiting list I was required to pay AED500. I was desperate and hopeful they would find my son a space in time. I was not informed that this amount would not be refundable if a space was not found. Instead in July mid-Ramadan, I got a call informing me that a space was finally available for 2 days a week for my son. This was not a suitable time for me anymore (5 months had passed) and I requested a refund as I had found a different solution. The lady over the phone simply said "sorry we cant" and shut. I was very surprised by her lack of professionalism and tact. I later sent 2 emails requesting a refund and I have been ignored. The AED500 was only to put my son on a waiting list it was not a confirmation of registration from my side. If it was a fee for registration I would not have requested a refund because that would be a commitment from my side. The AED500 was a commitment from the nursery's side to find my son a space within a reasonable time frame to meet my requirements. I was very disappointed that they did not refund me the amount especially since their fees are very high, AED500 would not make a difference to them. Overall, I felt they took advantage of me because i really needed a space close to my office as I was breastfeeding, they didn't explain to me that the deposit was non-refundable and a space was unlikely to be available anytime soon. I felt they were a bit greedy.

Aug 20, 2014

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