1 Bayonne NJ, United States

The Buses as of late have been absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! They're seldom on time or keeping up with schedule, and then they pass me right by when there's still standing room left. I've waited close to 40 minutes for this bus some days, and when one passed me by today, it was the absolute last straw. There MUST be something this company can do in order to improve service... Truly, it's as if they're running on their own schedule, coming and going as they please with no regard or respect for people's commute and daily work schedule. These drivers can afford to take their time, because they're already on the job, but when thousands of people start experiencing delays in their own jobs, SOMETHING must be done. I'm ready to band together after speaking to several other commuters, and we'll STOP taking this bus all together if they don't straighten up and improve their services. If Academy is not able to honor the new contract, then perhaps someone else needs to take over and provide decent Transportation services in & out of Bayonne?!?!

Feb 25, 2014

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