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I had parked close to the FiVE GUYS, BURGERs AND FRIES, in South miami. Within 3 minutes, the car was towed. There was a skinny bold guy who pretends to look around and talk on the phone while people are parking and then calls the tow truck.

The staff and the owner of NU WAY TOWING are the most ignorant and unprofessional human beings I have ever met in my life. they took my credit card and came back saying that their machine was not working and they needed cash. They would not release my vehicle. I knew that it was a lie because I spoke to them on the phone prior to this when they told me they accepted credit cards. the problem was that I had a business card and they were afraid that i would dispute the charge later on.

I went back to teh parking lot after I got my car but I took my second car. As soon as I parked and the bold guy thought I left, I saw him coming closer to my car, getting on the phone and calling someone. I started the car and pulled out and he panicked. I confronted him by assking him who he worked for and he froze up. he stated that he worked for some lady whose name he did not know. When I asked him what his name was, he ran away and told me to Suck his ***. very nice employees NU WAY TOWING HAS!!!

I am filing a complaint with the Miami Dade Consumer services.

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  • Sh
      2nd of Sep, 2010

    Attention all FYI South Miami or South beach Miami is no place for cars. As the city of Miami would put it. They want you to pay $25.00 just to park or don’t go to that area. So best be don’t go. The towing companies (NU WAY TOWING - beach towing miami beach - Tremont Towing Miami Beach) are all owned by local government officials so filling a complaint is worthless. They keep in under the rug and anyone who can do anything about it will never hear about it. Your best bet is just not to go to these areas and let them suffer without business until they fix the parking issue. Also the guys on the cell phones are called spotters they work for the guys in the tow trucks, the guys in the tow trucks usually have a prison recorded so they are used to dealing with the judicial system. So it is a waste of time talking to them just go to other GREAT places like Hollywood Hard rock café. Lots of parking (and its free) and lots of fun for the family. Hard rock café, Hard rock café Hard rock café, Hard rock café, Hard rock café, Hard rock café, Hard rock café

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  • Di
      4th of Sep, 2010

    These [censor] at Nu-Way Towing towed my car today while I was delivering medicine to my grandmother. The hard-faced [censor] took my car while I stood in the rain with my kids. He had the car strapped up already when I got there. He wanted cash up front ($125) to release my car, I didn't have cash. I swear if I could get away with it I would have smashed his face in.

    My grandmother lives at Post Master Apartments in Miami on SW 8th street and 83rd Avenue. I believe they have a racket going on, they pay kickbacks to some of the old people who live in the building who act as "spotters". It's a corrupt mafia, they are all criminals in my opinion. Nu-Way needs to be shut down, they really do prey on families with kids. When I went to get my car they wouldn't release it to me because I'm not the owner.

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