Nthaby Serobedi / No money at ATM's

1 South Africa

On monday the 26th of Aprul i wanted to wuthdraw money from the ATM in Rustenburg (NW Province) and to my suprice i went to 3 banks and all thier ATM's didn't have money at after 10H30, At ane of the branches i decided to go inside the bank and i spoke to the service manager and ienqueired why there isn't any money at the ATM( It happens every month around the 25th) and i wanted to know how long am i suppose to wait before they load the money into the machine, he said he doesn't know and adviced me to withdraw money from inside the bank and what i am complaining about is ; why do i have to pay for your poor service ? i mean it's not my fault that the ATM's dont have money and now i have to pay bank charges for withdrawing money inside the bank. Since every month i pay service fees and i am not getting the service i require and worse i now i have to pay more because you couldn't deliver on your service( in short WHY DO IHAVE TO PAY SERVICE FEE?) Could you please try to fix the problem soon ? or tell me what to do when there is no money at the ATM while the bank is operating

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