Just a note to all you business owners out there waiting for NSCN to take care of you. LIES! These people will drop the ball on you and then kick you to the curb. Once they have your money kiss customer service goodbye!

If you try to get a refund for any service or product they provide they will simply tell you NO! The claim will be that you signed the document agreeing to pay the fee and the only refund is from the Guarantee. Since you signed the document while signing up for the program or service you will never get a refund. It is the policy of NSCN not to give a refund unless they are forced to by the credit card company. I know first hand.

This company has a constant stream of employees flowing through the doors. You will never have the same person helping you for more than a few weeks. 30-40 people are hired every week. 30-40 people are fired every week or quit.

Every qualified person I have ever spoken with at this company no longer works there. After employees leave, the staff is instructed to lie about the circumstances of their departure. ie; Promotion, Moved, Vacation, or some other lie designed to fool the client so they can get more of your money.

After doing business with this company since 2008, I can tell you it would be a mistake to give these people your money, time, trust, or business. You will walk away unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

On more than one occasion I have tried to be reasonable with the staff and owners of this company and have received nothing but the runaround. Noone is interested in you after they have your money unless you have more money to get. If they think you will buy more stuff you will be treated great until you buy it, and then forgotten.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Las Vegas, NVJust because they spend 40 to 50 thousand dollars a week advertising does not make them a good company. It just goes to show that there is a sucker born every minute. Dont be the next one.
If you do a little research you will find that they have been sued many times for failing to provide the services that were promised. Though covering this up and LYING about the circumstances is policy.
The story goes if you buy a corporation or LLC the price is $1049. Then within the next thirty days you must pay another $250 as a surprise fee to the Secretary of State for your initial list of managers or members. A certificate of good standing will run you another...Surprise! $250
$1300 for a corporation that costs $300? Then an additional $250 if they have talked you into a Nevada Entity so you can file in your home state. Plus $150 to be your R.A. Every Year. RIP-OFF!!!
By the time you are done you end up paying way more than most attorneys charge. Plus the corporations are filed by a processing department with no legal staff. You can believe if a mistake is made you will pay in the long run.
Bottom line is this. If you fall victim to the radio ads and internet garbage that NSCN throws at you every hour on the hour on the radio, then you cannot blame anyone but yourself.
$2210 for the credit program can only be paid up front. That way when you are pissed off for not getting the product or service you paid for, you cannot get a refund. Save yourself the trouble and go elsewhere!
The stories you find on the internet about people spending 30 thousand dollars and not getting anything are all true. I have seen firsthand how this company operates and you will get BURNED!!!
Henderson, Nevada

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