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If you are considering aluminium doors, windows or pantry cupboards beware of a company called NS Aluminium. They show powder coated quality aluminium in their sales demo to you. They even use their car key to show it cannot be scratched. But when they come to install they use cheap spray painted aluminium and you can detect it because they easily scratch with a key. Beware! I caught them out and cancelled their work. Then they promised to bring genuine material and began to install. But work was shoddy and poor quality. They had left gaps beteeen top and bottom of doors and windows. For toilets and befroom doors they installed doors with transparent glass. Refused to come and inspect the dodgy work of their team. Phone calls were never answered. They had taken a huge advance to start the work and we are now demanding half back but they are not responding. Beware!

Feb 23, 2016
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      Aug 20, 2018

    I wish if I'd seen above B4 starting to deal wz them... We got them to do our Pantry last month (Jul 2018) hope they've not cheated on us on the powder coating thingy- unable to check as we're out of SL and will check upon our next visit and to be fair to them as well, will update here if they’ve done a genuine powder coating job...
    The main problem we saw other than delivering a different Quarts Countertop from what we ordered, was wz the management of this company... the Tech staff were knowledgeable and practical but the Management were continuous set of false promises and they really have no clue about the complexity and time required for a piece of work... what they would promise to do in one and half hours would actually require two full days...
    The other problem was that having to deal wz several individuals of the management team, you start off wz one and end up wz 3rd or the 4th person and each of them had no idea what has been discussed and agreed wz the other colleague of his team - This was typically the same issue we faced when we were TRYING TO deal wz LEXDUCO - another famous but a substandard firm.

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