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1 IL, United States Review updated:

MY complaint on this company is their nasty ignorant people that work for them i have a debt that i owe at&t that i know i have to pay this company decide it to call me at work the callers name was jason he told me he was calling from nrs collection agengy thats when i told him he was calling my job to give me his # or call me at home he refused to do that i told him i whanted to speack to a manager and thats when he started screaming profanity telling me no demanding me to get my fn check boock and pay my debt .i told him i could make a payment arrangement and once again i told him to call me at home he didnt stop he keept screaming my boss and co workers where right next to me they couldnt believe it that this person keep screaming after me telling him to stop finally he put me on hold transfer me to his manager her name was sara browes i explain to her what was going on she reply by saying it doesnt matter now your talking to me omg that made me really upset but i told her the same thing i cant pay the whole amount i can make a payment arrangement she sayd ok you will pay $350 a month i reply and sayd no i cant afford that im not going to promisse to pay a amount that i know i cant afford so she got upset told me to tell her how much i make and my bills in the midle of the conversation she tells me well this is not adding upp im not getting anywhere with i cant help you thats when i told her well if your calling me becouse you whant me to pay you and you whant to make a payment arrangement why can you help me she reply once again telling me if all my debt was true that im probably close to loosing my home an everything i reply by saying hello yes im trying not to but i have no money what part are we not understanding each other im trying to pay you but your not listening becouse is the amount you whant so she transferme to jack dawson her manager he got on the phone i try to explain to him he pretty much didnt care on what i had to say when i asked if thats how they conduct business with their clients using profanity screaming and demanding he ignore the question and told me he was going to note the account that i was going to make payments asked me how much i told him he reply by telling me that wasnt going to stop them from collecting from me i didnt understand that if im allready telling you im trying to make a payment arrangement you would think of so many people outhere that are not even trying to pay they would give me such a hard time when im trying to pay not the ammount they whant but something is something right .

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  • Me
      12th of May, 2010
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    NRS - re: magazine
    United States

    Please ignore all NRS phone calls.. they call u for a magazine for sale, and they just keep on charging my card, although I haven't received any magazine from them.. they are just annoying, they are harassing you through phone calls. they called me once and told me they need a new credit card.. what the... they've been stealing from me the past few months.. grrr! this is the number to avoid: 18664276130. PLEASE..

  • Te
      13th of May, 2010
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  • Eg
      28th of Jul, 2010
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    They are called debt collectors so do not expect them to be kind or nice. If it was a Customer Service department and they were treating you this way, I totally understand. I had one lady call me from a collection agency and she was the same way. But I really did not mind since I know it was my fault for letting this happen if I would have paid in the first place. Nothing is free and I am glad I got rid of that. But if they call you more then once on the same day, do not let them harass you! Do something about it. Besides that, you gotta deal with it until you pay for it!

  • Km
      24th of Nov, 2010
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    Egho6, it's NOT OK for a debt collector to use profanity, screat at, or threaten you. Its against federal law.

    Janice, you should report them to your state's attorney general, the FTC and you should look up an attorney to help you persue them for violations of the FDCPA. I have used in the past, and they have always helped.

  • Km
      24th of Nov, 2010
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    *scream at. I should have checked my typos...

    It's also not ok for them to call you at work after you tell them not to.

  • St
      13th of Apr, 2011
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    I actually Hired them to collect money for me. What a mistake that was. They have small print in there contract concerning accounts that have paid there balance. i.e. we made and accounting error. I asked them to leave the customer alone and explained that we had made a mistake. They then turned on me for payment. They used the same kind of tactics on me that they would on a debtor. I guess I learned a vaulabel lesson. They are unproffessional, rude, and I belive go way beyond there legal rights as collectors. If anyone reads this please note that I would never recommend there services.

  • Jm
      25th of Aug, 2011
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    This is becoming a real pain in my backside!!! On the initial phonecall a couple of weeks ago I FIRMLY stated I was NOT buying anything!!! If I won something then send it but in no way was I committing to a purchase of something I don't want!!! Again, I was very firm in my comment. Well, now I get from 4 - 7 phone calls a day from this same company!!! The number displays as "withheld" on my phone & many times when I have answered no one has been on the line!!! I'm about to scream if this doesn't stop!!! What part of "NO" don't they understand?

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