NRGbinary / Company is holding transactions by itself to make customers lose once they requested a withdrawal

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Dear NRGbinary team,

You have done a transaction on 12.09.2014 at 13.37 on my account no. 77002, portfolio no. 11537, by selling 20 lots of gold at 1232.41 and closing it at 1237.43 that caused to lose all my money which is a sum of $10, 000, without any authorization from my side for such transaction.

I am doing the trading myself without any help or consultation from your side, and i have made arround $8400 gains in the account, and you are not authorized to do any transaction on my behalf.

There is no one reason for the transaction you have made to make me lose my money, and therefore, i consider that you have to pay me the amount of $ 10, 000 in full and without delaying, keeping in mind that i have sent you all the documents requested by your staff earlier as part of what you call your compliance documents.


Sep 18, 2014

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