Noxzema / Scam and cheating

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I received a sample of Triple Clean Blackhead Cleanser in a 5 ounce tube. My skin is little more oily and pores on nose are unusually large so I thought of giving it a try. So I dispensed some cleanser on my palms. The density of cleanser was more and blue beads could be seen, I applied it on my skin. No foam. Scrubbiness was tolerable but nothing was remarkable. I rinse it off with no residue left in my skin but the pungent smell was still lingering, smell was really awful. I found my skin has become red then usual and irritated too though a skin was dried out fully after I pat dry. I was a bit surprised by my skin's reaction to the cleanser as my skin, though it is combination in nature, doesn't tend to run on the sensitive side. No recommendations for using this cleanser.

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