Noweigan Cruise Line (Sun) / Un-fair Treament

1 Miami, United States

My wife and I sailed on the NCL Sun for our honeymoon, and from the very start it was a disaster, they somehow took our bags to the wrong ship, next after having to get off the ship and go look for our bags, when we finally get to our cabin later we opened the door only to the room smelling like ###, so we went to guess services to complain, (big mistake) they made us feel as if it was our fault that the room had that aweful smell. We later found out that there was a sewer leak and it had happen on the previous trip also
they never told us, but one of the housekeepers we befriended told us everything so for the next 7 days we had to smell ###. Also when it rained the top of the ship had large puddles of water, which was left and never mopped up or anything, they just left it to dry up on its on. Next sum of the staff were very RUDE especially in the casino. The only relief we got was when we docked and got off that Damn ship... I could go on and on for days but I guess this is enough said, ... NCL Cruise Line (Sun) sucks ### so don't book on the Cruise line you will be sorry!!!

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