Novicorpworthless, sneaky, conniving corporation


Novicorp is an evil corporation! Everyone should know this.
I had a normal ordinary life at Novicorp being a computer programmer. I was really bored though so I used my skills to hack into their network and watch old movies. My favorite one to watch was Casablanca. Well, needless to say, the higher ups found out what I was doing and suggested that because of my "counterproductive rebellious tendencies" that I take some "vacation time". I got their message so I said fine. I went over to the vacation simulation room where I was hoping to have my mind transplanted into that of a lion or a tiger but I only had enough money to be a baboon. I was pissed off at this but what could I do? I didn't have enough money for a good vacation.
As if being a baboon wasn't bad enough, the vacation simulation machine then started bugging and all of sudden I'm in a scene from Casablanca! I was lost in the virtual world and my identity was in jeapordy of being erased because my stupid fat chairman boss pig didn't want to look for me even though not searching for me would mean that Novicorp would go bankrupt! That fat chairman pig!
Well, my ugly girlfriend helped me get out of there, save my identity, and put a stop to my boss' evil plan. Oh yeah, I kept seeing my dead mom everywhere, too.
I gave them my two weeks notice yesterday. I shouldn't have to put up with that kind of treatment.

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