SUBMIT A COMPLAINT - Post Bad Reviews About Competition posting bad reviews about competitor sites

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Watch out for these sites. they are posting bad reviews about their competitor sites

All sites with good reviews belong to

I was hired by to post bad reviews about all their competitor sites because they want the business for themselves. they are abig review scam. do not buy from any site that they own.

I was hired by them to post bad reviews about all fake id sites except the ones they own which are obvious they have good reviews.

They were supposed to pay me 410 for each referral and have never paid me, so now you all need to know the reviews you are reading are all fake. go to the site itself to find out the truth. is a scam scam scam posting reviews against the competition

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  • Ro
      Sep 09, 2008

    YEAH I WAS LOOKING TO MAKE MONEY and got an e, mail too saying they will pay me for posting bad reviews against their competiton

    the site is the real scam they never paid a cent and their id sucks

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  • Tr
      Sep 22, 2008

    All these novelty sites are scams, I have sent money to 3 of them all SCAMMERS! anyway thank God I finally found a hook up locally, if anyone of you needs let me know I'll hook you up.

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  • Cr
      Aug 29, 2009

    are a scam ?

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