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Novelty Id Factory


Take your money and run away

Complaint Rating:  63 % with 205 votes
63% 205
This complaint is posted to advise other unsuspecting customers of the fraudulent practices of the business, namely Novelty ID Factory. Their website address Noveltyidfactory.com is operating strictly to obtain monies for non-governmental issued identification cards without delivery of product to the consumer. I placed an order with this business, completed payment, and was promptly responded to by the business, telling me they would take care of my order, having it shipped out immediately. Needless to say, upon non-receipt of the product quite some time past my purchase date, I contacted them to inquire about my order. Never did they respond to more than three emails forwarded to them regarding the matter. Quite obviously, I was taken for my money, never to hear back from them in the future. I will take full responsibility for the fact that they stated their payment form was via Western Union only, which although I was skeptical, I trusted and placed my order. A thief is a thief in the end, no matter what, and I simply want to get it out their for other potential customers to be aware of what this so called business is actually in business for... TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN!!!

The collector via Western Union goes by:
Name: Andreas Socratous.z
Location: Cypress, Europe.

So to any of you who may be considering placing and order through this business which is strictly a front to essentially steal your money and stiff you completely, please be advised of exactly what is going on. Don't be scammed by them as I unfortunately was. We all work hard for our money, but some just want to sit back and like the heroin pusher, do nothing and take all. Certainly it is only a matter of time before this bogus operation they set up falls apart, and this posted message will most certainly aid in starting that process. Again, their business name is Novelty ID Factory, and their email address is Noveltyidfactory.com

BUYERS BEWARE, and CHEERS TO COMPLAINTSBOARD.COM for this wonderful resource.
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A  7th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
I too was scammed by these ###. They don't reply to your emails and take your money... Worst of all I was recommended to this site by another so called site rating fake id companies on the internet. Stay away from Noveltyidfactory.com
A  7th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
Noveltyidfactory is fake and so is fakeidonline.com I learned the hard way not to order from these sites, ordered a couple of id's for me and a friend and got took for $180 and never heard back from them or anything. Research these sites very thoroughly if you do not believe me for any reason, just try googling the web address and see what results come up. Also, don't trust these sites that claim to be Fake ID Review sites, they are all also fakes set up by the exact same guys selling the ID's to trick people into thinking they are reading legitimate reviews. Overall my advice is don't order a fake id online.
A  9th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
Novelty ID factory is a ripoff site. Former fake ID guru site www.fakeidguru.com which is also reportet on /link removed/ i ordered at fakeidguru.com. do not order at novelty id factory. These guys have exactly the same page, same prices, same layout of the page, same policity. DO NOT ORDER!
A  11th of Aug, 2006 by    +1 Votes
I just ###ed this guy over and canceled my payment for the ID's I ordered. If you're smart enough to type in the guy's name and find this complaint site, then you are smart enough to find out where this guy works, considering he already told us wear he lives. Christoforos Pelekanos Ltd is the company this guy works for. I'm going to send his boss an email and tell him how his employee scams people on the internet, and that I'll make it publicly known that he hires scammers and advise people not to work with his company unless Andreas is let go. ### that grimy doosh bag, and it just so happens that I have enough money to fly out to Cyprus and kick his ### if I want to. I might do it on a rainy day, who knows.
A  11th of Aug, 2006 by    +1 Votes
MadMax - you are the best :)))))
If you go there kick his ### for me too :)))
A  12th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
does anyone know of a good site that actually works
A  18th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
These ### at noveltyidfactory ###ed me over too. Exact same story as all the others, and if anyone can get those ###ers dealt with (like madmax said) PLEASE DO. Jesus I feel like a bit of a dolt for ordering from those ###. Anyone know of any REAL sites, and have received actual IDs? (be prepared to show evidence)
A  21st of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
I cannot even remmeber the site, but i DID get a real id for florida when they were the old ids. it wasnt perfect, but it was damn good but i lost it. The site was out of canada NOT europe... but the site no longer works... bleh i feel stupid for wasting money at fakeidonline!
N  22nd of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
Has there been anybody to actually receive an id?
A  23rd of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
After seeing this, I put an order in just for the hell of it. I realised that you can amend the link to the confirmation form and put in any email address you like, and send in as many confirmations as you want.

Here's the link:


Change the email to whatever you link, put whatever the hell you want in the form, and have fun! If we all do it, his inbox will be flooded with crap :D
A  25th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
fcuk me dead, same story, dont by anything from this website. i sent them an email, asking them to at least tell me if their site was a dead scam. Just so i didnt expect anything in the mail. And could they even be bothered to do that. Absolutely not. Bunch of ### heads. I hope they get a kick in the ###. And really what goes around comes around
N  25th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
Has anyone heard of theidshop.com It looks very promising?!

just skim through it to talk of theidshop.com

has anyone heard about this site?
A  27th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
i sent them money for an id and millions of emails but i still havent recieved anything how do i get an id and how do we do a lawsuit or do something against these idiots
A  30th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
Those wankers from novelty id factory also scammed me. I am so pis*ed off!
Hey nate, how'd you go with the 'id shop' website? I've also come across that site since being scammed, just a bit worried that the same thing might happen again. Anyone else have any opinions on that site.
A  30th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
###KKKKK I wish i saw this 2 days ago.. i just sent them my ###..... has anyone gotten an ID or is this 100% ###.. and what is with those review sites that say this ### worked were they fake too? ### I feel like such a ###.. please someone go over there and kick the ### out of that ###
A  30th of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
###.. SCAMMED...If anyone has any info about the id shop post something.. if everyone trusts me I will take up a collection to buy from this id shop.. Im so pissed off right now about this factory one I wish I saw it earlier.. is anyone interested in like 5 dollars through paypal then ill take the cash and send into idpro.. i swear Ill do it and not ### anyone over.. i just cant bring myself to spending another 115 of my money to get ###ed over.. im sure alot of other people feel the same way, so whatever maybe like 5 bucks a person and ill do it.. if it works ill make a post and let everyone know.. I know id sure as ### pay 5 bucks to learn if one of these things works rather than 115 to find out it doesnt.. so yea make a post if your interested ill make a paypal account and get ### rollin.. ill make an email address now, make a post/email me if your interested.. ill let everyone know how ### rollin andreasmustdie@yahoo.com
A  31st of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
nevermind.. i looked up that idshop thing.. doesnt even look worth while, you would have to be ###ed to think it was a real id. even if they did send it to you... does anything know anything about Novelty ID PRO... im going to shift the collection to novelty ID Pro because that actually looks like a quality product
A  31st of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
Novelty pro looks like the same thing as 'novelty id factory'. Im not sure, but there are some things that are the same such as the order form, western union, etc. I really needed an id, but i cant seem to trust anyone now. There are sites i visit which cost more hundreds of dollars and look real dodgy. Wish i knew some decent ones that actually send the items you order.
But the owner of 'novelty id factory' should get in trouble and be shut down. That wanker is ripping so many people of and shouldnt be getting away with it.
A  31st of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
yea your right I agree with not doin anythin wit western union.. I was lookin around and I stumbled upon this site.. http://www.aliasids.com/ ...looks legit out of canada, I saw 4 or 5 people approve it on a forum.. I was wondering if anyone else had seen this, Its only 50 bucks and looks like it might be worth it.. by the way is this andreas... http://thetalentjungle.com/bba/andreas.htm... it would be easier to pull a collection together for this one.. let me know if anyone is interested in pullin together 50 bucks to try it out, ill cover shipping both ways and ill make a post with the results... thanks andreasmustdie@yahoo.com
A  31st of Aug, 2006 by    0 Votes
http://www.american-novelty.com/ great site for fake ids...

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