Nouva Fresh Skin Care/Skin Element/RapidFulfillment/Prema BeautyCreations / Skin element trail sample - scam

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I ordered a trial sample of Skin Element cream and agreed to pay $3.95 for this "miracle" cream, plus an add'l. .99 cents fee. The advertisement said absolutely nothing! about this being a trial subscription that would expire after 14 days and would then be billed for a full 30-day subscription to the skin cream!!!

This company has fraud/scam reports all over the web. I would never order something that said I would have to "become a member or commit to a subscription" over the internet, but a sample trial... no big deal...So I Thought!!

This company waits till just after 14 days and then without authorization debits your checking account for $97.83!!! They don't want to refund the full amount and will offer a partial refund, stating restocking fees and other bogus reasoning.

Better Business Bureau - Please shut these people down!!!

Nov 25, 2016

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