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"What Notebook Should I Buy?"

Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion

What Notebook Should I Buy? is known for reviewing laptops and gadgets and has a HUGE following of loyal people who post in the forums.

The section where a person would go to ask questions of other members or of the moderators about the purchase of a new computer is called "What Notebook Should I Buy?".

In this sub section of the forums is where I discovered what seems to me to be deceitful business practices.
Whoever the advertiser of the day, meaning whoever is paying NoteBook review for the ad space available would seem to have a vocal and fulltime following in this sub forum.
The links are provided directly to the manufacturer who is the sponsor of the day which sounds like a reasonable business practice in itself. The problem I had personally was when I would post Coupons for 30% off or have a differing opinion on the best deal (verse who the paid advertiser for the day was of course) I would be harassed by what would seem to be full time employees and the moderators. I want to be clear, a moderator is a flagged person they are known by their tag of Moderator. The persons posting in what I am describing as the full time position have posts numbering in the 1, 000's and seem to have shifts.. call it an eastern daylight shift and a pacific daylight shift and post about the merits the paid advertiser of the day. Once again this seems reasonable in itself but considering a person just read a review about the machine and are looking for accurate information beyond the print ad or review offered from real people only to be then lead by professional herding specialists to a direct link (which is actually a re-direct from Notebook Reviews site) and lacking specifically the best pricing available. That is to say full price sales minus any savings. Now you will notice the Coupon section at Notebook Review which is never up to date and does specifically lack the large discounts available.

I think that Consumers should be aware of some of the more sophisticated sales techniques used by what would seem to be trusted names.

Does have the larger discounts that NoteBook Review does its best to circumvent.

The community at NoteBook Review is great, outside of the herding section created for the advertiser of the day section.
What Notebook Should I Buy?

Buyer Beware!

I hope this helps someone save some money and from becoming one of the herded.

Sincerely, James Workman

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  • Jw
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    1 090904-000500 My post about notebookreview being removed? Solved 09/04/2009 03:48 PM

    CNet has not been very helpful yet with this problem... I have emailed the editorial staff and I will keep everyone informed of the progression.. if any occurs.

    Thanks for the support and be well, JW

  • Jw
      4th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Maybe some background on myself and my posting habits... before I learned the 's help section was not a help section... it is just a place to herd the people who have a new found sense of trust into a full purchase price (redirected from of course if possible).

    Be well all, JW

  • Jw
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    Another link...

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