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Notebook Exchange / Beware of them

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My laptop suddenly started to run pages of script and blank out on the screen in the middle of me working on it. I took my laptop to Notebook Exchange/ Computer Repair Centre after I called them and asked if they ran free diagnostics. The girl I talked to informed me they did so I got it ready and took it in. I asked again when I got in there if it was free and she said yes and I asked if they did any work with out my consent. She said no, so I left it there. That was a Friday. On the following Monday I called to check on it and talk to the owner, who was working on it. I was told that it was being looked at right then and they would call me back. I finally received a call a few hours later. I was informed it would be 138 dollars to get my computer back. I told them to take out whatever they did and was then informed it would still be 60 dollars for labour. Which I didn't authorize. After thinking about it and talking to a computer guy I knew I decided I would just pay the money and borrowed it from my mother who really couldn't afford to lend it. During this time frame I call them a couple of times to verify the price and I was told multiple times that the owner wasn't in and they knew nothing. Where was the order sheet? Where was the sheet that stated the changes?

I had to wait until the owner came back which is ridiculous. There should be records of what going on. At this point it was Wednesday so they had ample time to double check everything. My mother, my boyfriend and I all went in to pay for it. All in all it cost almost 150 dollars. On top of that on the sheet that I filled out with the issues it was having, written in the top right corner was a note that said «Call w/ quote before repairs". This was not written in my boyfriend's or my hand writing. That angered me more. I took it home, set it back up and within about 2-3 hours it does the same thing I took it in for 3 times. I was very upset and called the computer guy I knew and asked if he would take it and look it over. I then called the company up and talked to the owner. I was very upset and told him I would not be letting him touch my computer again because I didn't trust them. I told him I was taking it to someone else to look at and would be in contact with a list of what was wrong with it and expected my money back. He got very rude and snippy with me. I got in touch with the BBB and the local news consumer report group about this. He told them both if I can prove it’s still busted I can receive my money back and in his reply to the BBB called me a liar.

The computer guy had it crash on him multiple times but couldn't locate the issue. I got it back from him and the comp did a major crash and won't respond to anything for over 3 hours. We are almost certain we located the problem, which seems to be the fan. We now have it on a cooling fan system 24/7. I am not willing to risk this computer it was a 900 dollar laptop. I don't want to force over heat it so it will crash for the owner. It could very well be the last time it does and being in college I cannot afford to lose it since I cannot afford a new one. I replied to his comment to the BBB and told them that and said I would be more then happy to give them the computer guys contact info but I didn't want that company touching my property ever again. According to another computer service place I was at least the 10th person that has complained to them. One guy the charged 200+ and his computer wasn't fixed either. When the other company looked at it they found that pieces had blown and it wasn't worth fixing so the guy had to buy a whole new computer. With the economy likes this no one can afford these kind of low handed actions. It is thievery and conning. Do not let these people touch your computers!


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