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Not A Company / cheated financially

1 United Arab Emirates Review updated:

July 16th, 2008


Ambatt govindan bhuvanendran
Post box: 47820,
Abu dhabi,
United arab emirates.


The complaints board

Respectable sir,

Sub: reporting an organized international crime racket which looted more than us$. 100, 000 from me. (Aed. 370, 000. 00)

I am indian national working in abu dhabi (United arab emirates) as an accounts manager in vision technical consultancy est.

As I feel now it is a combined effort of one or two set of criminals. One is operating either from taiwan or hong kong. This group is the providing the fake record of the fixed deposit receipt of bank sinopac, taiwan and other records as the fund has been transferred to my ownership.

The other group is basing london pretending to be the officers of jyske bank. This group has full set up of a virtual bank with web site representing this denmark based bank (Jyske bank for private banking)

This cheating episode begins last year march when mr. Huang chi lin, general manager of bank sinopac contacts me (Attachment 1 – id copy and pp copy) and gives a proposal to help him in transferring an amount fixed deposit of a deceased person under my ownership.

In good faith and total confidence, I accepted the proposal and mr. Huang chi lin transfers the fixed deposit in my name with a registered will which is prepared by barrister. Woo cheng. I have attached the copy a copy of the deposit receipt and ownership will they have sent me. (Attachment 2 – deposit receipt and will)

Then mr. Huang chi lin asks me to open an account in the jyske bank for private banking with a strict instruction to keep this transaction confidential. His mail regarding this is also attached here with. He is giving all the contact details of the bank in which I have to open the account. (Attachment 3)

As per the contact details I have transferred gbp. 6000. 00 (Equivalent us$. 11, 800. 00) as initial deposit to open my non resident checking account with the jyske bank. I have attached the copy of the transfer receipt and the account in which I have transferred the amount. (Attachment 4)

After this my account activated and the details of all the activation code and account number has been sent by them. (Attachment 5) this is in the month of june 2007.

After this they fabricated three stages of crisis on my account to loot money from me on various situations.

First before showing my account credited with the amount of the transfer of us$. 17. 3 million, they informed me from the jyske bank that my account is on hold by the national bank of england being the apex bank of uk. The reason is I have to pay the uk inland revenue department tax of us$. 155, 700 immediately. Then mr. Huang chi lin started sending the transfer receipt first and asked me to contribute my part for it. (Attachment 6)

Secondly when the uk inland revenue department tax payment was over, my account was credited and the full web site of the jyske bank london worked and opened the account with my code which has been given to me. Then I have given order for transfer of funds from my account. Initially 4 transfers have been given by me one for mr. Huang chi lin for a big amount of 3 million and my small 3 transfers for 100. 000, 100, 000 and 50, 000.

These transfer receipt has come from the bank together with a hold order from the european credit commission. They asked in the hold letter to remit the cross boarder fees of euros 55, 900 to get the release of the transfers. (Attachment 7 – transfer receipts and hold letter from the german authority) again mr. Huang chi lin send some transfer receipts and I also had been asked to pay from my side. (Attachments 8 - for transfers against cross boarder fes)

When the cross boarder fees has been completed and the german authority (European credit commission) was about to sign the release of the 4 transfers which were on hold till this time all of a sudden they asked to submit the certificate of ownership change to enter the number on the release order. The lawyer barrister woo cheng insisted this certificate should come from iraq. Then he goes to iraq and comes with another payment program of us$. 150, 000 more to the iraqi authority. Against this also I have transfer money to barrister woo cheng. Barrister woo cheng originally located in hong kong but now he is in london as per the version of mr. Huang chi lin. My transfers to london was as per the instructions to four - five persons as told by woo cheng. (Attachment 9 of the persons names to whom I send the money to london)

I shall request you to check the authenticity of these persons involved in the cheating racket and please help me to get my money back from these crooks and se that they are booked and given proper punishment.

My contact mobile number is [protected].
Land line: [protected]
Fax: [protected].

If you need any more information further I am ready to provide if it available with me. I really doubt whether this kind of an organized cheating with the similar web site of the existing bank is possible without some body helping these culprits from inside the jyske bank for private banking itself?

I am still in constant contact from them. They are very much presurizing me to send more money for the certificate which the lawyer will collect from the iraqi authority.

They are still offering me the hopes telling that; those transfers will come to my account after getting the certificate. But I don’t think so, when the jyske bank london branch originally telling me that it is cheating. (Attachment 10)

Looking forward to your kind hearted support for a victim who has been cheated by an organized racket.

Yours sincerely.

Ambatt govindan bhuanendran

Encl: all the above attachments from 1 to 10 and attachment 11 copy of my international id (Passport)


Mr. Huang chi lin’s contact number is: [protected]
Barrister woo cheng’s contact number: [protected]
Copy to:
Us secret service – financial crime reporting division
Interpol – france
Special request:
If you can send me an e - mail id I shall send you all the attachment immediately. It will be difficult to fax more than 50 pages by fax.
My e - mail id is:

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  • Bh
      24th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    My Name is Bharath I am from India. Even I got Calls and Mails Regarding This Beware of this Cheating Persons.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Ra
      1st of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes
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  • Ja
      4th of Dec, 2008
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  • Fr
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    Why do you bill estimate in December each year. It is not even correct and yet the bill is doubled. The last payment was not on bill and there was no snow from the time the meter was read. Do I take off the payment you just processed? I was not home and had the gas on 60 degees. How do find out what I really need to pay?????

  • Jo
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    England, East Sussex
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    Can anyone do something to stop the continual harassment from automated phone calls - my last one is a daily call that starts, "Hello I'm Susan Royals..."

  • Da
      16th of Jul, 2009
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    NOT A COMPANY - Scam
    Darlene Steinwachs
    8600 N 500 W
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    I really don't know how this company has access to authorize to take money out of my checking. They are takeing $9.95 out every month. I have tried calling and also emailed them to let them know they are not authorized to do this. i have never received nothing in the mail showing I got anything. No luck can someone help me with this situation.

    thanks, Darlene Steinwachs

  • Le
      10th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Can someone please please reply to this and let me know how to block them I would just ring BT but their numbers are always withheld...I have gone as far as staying on the line and pressing 2 or whatever (probably at several pounds a minute!) They say "hello", I have asked them to take me off their list, I have asked them who they are, what company they are, and every time they simply hang up. This is really annoying and happens at least 3 times a day, we are ex directory, It is driving me mental that I can't get their number or company name and they hang up when I speak to them! They say hello so rudely, I don't even know what one would say if they DID want their crappy services!!!


  • Be
      12th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes
    NOT A COMPANY - Scam
    39 Lamoille Terrace
    United States
    Phone: 802-893-8551

    I had a diamond ring that someone wanted to purchase online through Paypal. So, i signed up at Paypal. I've never used Paypal before but i knew it was a safe place to send or recieve money. So i agreed. I went to the P.O. and shipped it and put the tracking number in Paypal, because Paypal said they couldn't put my money in my account until they recieved the track No. An hour went by after i gave the track No. and noticed nothing was still in my account, then i recieved a letter from Paypal saying they are sorry for the inconvenience but it will take 12 hours to get your funds in your account. Not knowing Paypal I waited, then the next day another letter came saying it was now going to take up to 24 hours to get my funds in my account. I called Paypal and asked them why it's taking so long for my funds to be put in my account and that's when the gentleman told me after i gave him my information, that it wasn't them. I hurried to the P.O. To stop the package it had already been over 12 hours i believe. So, i do not know if it was stopped. The post office sent me letters letting me know who they wrote and when. I called Paypal back and i spoke to i think she was an investigator, and she told me how you can tell when it isn't real when going through Paypal. Now right after i shipped my diamond the person who supposedly purchased it asked me to send it to Nigeria, i said i already shipped it and i know Nigeria is know for their scams. I still really didn;'t put 2 and 2 together. Then at 2:am i was on my computer and he came on to my chat and said hi. I thought how weird is that. I went on and said i'm not sure why you want to chat with me but i'm going to bed and i hurried and shut the chat. Then about an hour after i found out, he came on my chat, i'm assuming to see how i responded to him i guess. So he says Hi and that's when i layed into him. I wasn't sure if i should let on that i knew, but when he came on my chat and i saw his name that was it. I said you no good piece of dirt, i know you scammed me. I'll make sure what you did is taken care of. Don't email me again. The ring was going to Tulsa Oklahoma, that's where i sent it until he said instead send it to Nigeria. I'm upset with myself because i felt it in my gut from the first day, but i figured if he was going through Paypal he must of been trustworthy. I don't know how he did this, but the address he originally gave me was gone when i was looking for it for the P.O. and the Nigeria address was there. He hadn't given it to me before. He just asked me to sent ti Nigeria and i told him i already shipped it. I'm really uncomfortable because he can apparently get into my personal info if he changed that address...Ok. Thanks for reading this, I supplied you with my phone # if needed...

  • Be
      12th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    What the heck kind of answer is that about me being scammed. That was sick...very sick.

  • Ma
      20th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes
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    Englewood, Colorado 80110
    United States

    I am trying to look up my own information on "" and it keeps bringing up "", and I can't get rid of it. Can you help or tell me what to do to get my own information on and get his off! Appreciate any and all help.


  • De
      22nd of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    Not A Company - nothing
    not a compay
    New Zealand

    I've never used this site and never will why the hell!! Are you charging me money!?!

  • L3
      4th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes
    Not A Company - Unauthorized money taken from my bank account

    23. apr
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    23 april 2017 93, 04 $ was taken from my bankaccount without my authorization, i dont even know what this is. I demand this refunded or i will start a case against you, i am already in talks with my bank. Get in touch with me at

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